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News of a Sound Projectorial nature

Charlemagne Palestine 1998 interview

Here be a podcast of our interview with Charlemagne Palestine, of which a transcript was published in issue 5. This interview took place September 1998 at St John’s Church Waterloo Road, under the organ loft; the sound you can hear is the organ ostinato. Many thanks to Charlemagne for granting his permission to publish this podcast online.

The podcast is also attached to the page for the fifth issue.


TSP18 news

Issue 18 was published just over two weeks ago. Already we have a few snippets of news to pass on.

C Joynes reports that his interview “looks and reads great”, but also noticed that a few paragraphs had somehow dropped out from the printed page. For the sake of completeness, I’ve added them to an Errata page for this issue; purchasers of the new issue should be able to slot in these missing sections with ease. Readers, please note this doesn’t mean it’s open season on spotting errors in the magazine!

Z’EV received his copies on Saturday and noted that although his name has of course appeared on numerous magazine covers, this is apparently the first time his photograph has appeared on the front cover of a magazine.

Gill Arno of Unframed Recordings emailed us with some very positive remarks: “I am completely floored. Those are the most in-deep, understanding and rewarding words that the unframed releases have received.”

A video response from Joe Frawley:

60 mins of Noise


Tonight Wednesday 2rd September 2009 at 21:00, tune in to Resonance 104.4FM to hear my contribution to the Southwark Anthology of Noise series. This 12-parter has been curated by Tom Wallace and intends to “explore noise music from the late 1970s onwards”. Co-presenter Clive Graham will be joining me on the show for some concise banter. I will be spinning some ill-fitting oddities and extreme noise blasts from Emil Beaulieu, Lasse Marhaug, Mattin, Core of the Coalman, Vomir, Dustbreeders with Junko, Kevin Drumm and a few more.