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Grey 13th

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th January 2017

  1. Mirt, ‘Motorboat Chase’
    From Random Soundtrack, POLAND KOSMODRONE DRONE 1601 CD (2016)
  2. Electric Sewer Age, ‘Bad White Corpuscle’
    From Bad White Corpuscle, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1607 LP (2016)
  3. Wwwings featuring Kastle, Born In Flamez and Gronos1, ‘Era’
    From Phoenixxx, UK PLANET MU RECORDS ZIQ383 CD (2016)
  4. Reinier Van Houdt, ‘Orphic Asylum’
    From Paths Of The Errant Gaze, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1606 LP (2016)
  5. Jana Irmert, ‘Bagful’
    From End Of Absence, AUSTRIA FABRIQUE FAB060CD (2016)
  6. Dave Ball / Jon Savage, ‘Liquid Skyliner – Zeitgeist’
    From Photosynthesis, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR217CD (2016)
  7. Richard Sanderson, ‘Instantic Flamer’
    From A Thousand Concreted Perils, UK LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR081 CDR (2016)
  8. Off World, ‘Choral Hatch’
  9. Chihiro Butterfly featuring AYOTA, ‘warabimochi’
    From After 3.11, JAPAN ACCRETIONS alp061 CD (2016)
  10. Cut Worms, ‘Crabby Plasma’
    From Lumbar Fist, GERMANY OPA LOKA RECORDS OL160096 CD (2016)
  11. Nuova Camerata, ‘Chant IV’
    From Chant, PORTUGAL IMPROVISING BEINGS ib50 CD (2016)
  12. Rainier Lericolais / Susan Matthews, ‘Your Ghost Moves With Me’
    From Before I Was Invisible, FRANCE WILD SILENCE CDR (2016)

Morning Loop

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th January 2017

  1. The Astral Army, ‘Interstellar Shortwave’
    From Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Krautrock Underground, 1972-1976, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT005CD CD (2016)
  2. Redukt, ‘HTOO’
    From OTHO, UKRAINE KVITNU 46 CD (2016)
  3. The Miz’ries, ‘Commune Of Dume’
    From Complete Control Of Your Vehicle, USA BELTS & WHISTLES B&W005 CD EP (2016)
  4. Red Dark Sweet, ‘The Education’
    From Stars Vomit Coffee Shop, USA OSR TAPES OSR72 CD (2016)
    Recorded in 1982.
  5. Massimo Discepoli / Daniel Barbiero, ‘The Occulted Measure’
    From An Eclipse Of Images, ITALY ACUSTRONICA NO NUMBER CD (2016)
  6. Mezrbow / Sun Ra, ‘Livid Sun Loop’ (fade)
    From Strange City, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR228CD CD (2016)
  7. Some Some Unicorn, ‘A Simple Shrug’
    From Unicornucopia, UK CLUTTER MUSIC CM023 CD (2016)
  8. Marlon Cherry, ‘Arthur Lee’
    From Life After Theatre, USA OSR TAPES OSR73 CD (2016)
    Recorded in 1990.
  9. Fake Cats Project, ‘Everyting Is Fine (Russian Canon Part I)
    From Russian Canon, RUSSIA FROZEN LIGHT FZL 037 CD (2016)
  10. Jinchūriki, ‘Ame Hinode’
    From Kyūbi, NORWAY NAKAMA RECORDS NKM005CD CD (2016)
  11. Réplica (Birgit Ulher / Felipe Araya), ‘Riolita’
    From Scoriacon, UK INEXHAUSTIBLE EDITIONS ie-005 CD (2016)
  12. Star Turbine, ‘An / Auf’
    From Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To, RUSSIA FROZEN LIGHT FZL 043 CD (2016)
  13. Michel Chion, ‘Cantique’
    From Musiques Concrètes 1988-91, FRANCE BROCOLI BROCOLI019 CD (2016)
  14. Eric Wubbels / Wet Ink Ensemble, ‘The Children Of Fire Come Looking For Fire, Part 1’
    From Duos With Piano: Book I, USA CARRIER RECORDS CARRIER030 CD (2016)

A Prog-Rock Christmas

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th December 2016

  1. Stray, ‘Only What You Can Make It’
    From Stray, UK 1970
  2. Pinnacle, ‘Cyborg’
    From Assassin, UK 1974
  3. T.P. Smoke, ‘Dreams’
    From T.P. Smoke, 1970
  4. SBB, ‘Na Pierwszy Ogie?’
    From Nowy Horyzont, Poland 1975
  5. Master’s Apprenctices, ‘Melodies Of St. Kilda’
    From A Toast To Panama Red, UK 1971
  6. Yonin Bayashi, ‘Continental Laid Back Breakers’
    From Golden Picnics, Japan 1976
  7. Satin Whale, ‘Trace Of Sadness’
    From Lost Mankind, Germany 1975
  8. Talix, ‘Jecker Abschied’
    From Spuren, Germany 1971
  9. Web, ‘Ymphasomniac’
    From I Spider, UK 1970
  10. Museo Rosenbach, ‘Ai Di La’Del Bene E Dei Male’
    From Zarathustra, Italy 1973
  11. The Norman Haines Band, ‘Everything You See (Mr. Armageddon)’
    From Den Of Iniquity, UK 1971
  12. Wishbone Ash, ‘Pilgrim’
    From On Air, UK 1997 (Recorded in the 1970s)
  13. Sensation’s Fix, ‘Space Closure’
    From Fragments Of Light, Italy 1974
  14. Weidorje, ‘Booldemug’
    From Weidorje, France 1978
  15. Sweet Slag, ‘Milk Train’
    From Tracking With Close-Ups, UK 1971

Jon Seagroatt

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 9th December 2016

With special guests Jon Seagroatt and Bobbie Watson

  1. Red Square, ‘Nakamichi 6’
    From Rare & Lost ‘70s Recordings, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT003CD CD (2016)
  2. King Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators, ‘Sobbin’ Blues’
    From Black Chicago (King Oliver Volume 2 1927-28), MAKIN FRIENDS RECORDS CD (2009)
  3. Giovanni Battista Grillo, ‘Canzona 11 a8’
    From Venetian Polychoral Music from around 1600
  4. Soft Machine, ‘As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still’
    From The Soft Machine Volumes One and Two, UK BIG BEAT RECORDS CDWIKD 920 CD (1989)
  5. Archie Shepp with Bobby Hutcherson, ‘In A Sentimental Mood’
    From On This Night, original issue USA IMPULSE! AS-97 (1965)
  6. Dervish musicicians, ‘Hijaz’
    From The Syrian Maqams (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya), UK ARGO ZFB 58 LP (1972)
  7. Baby Dee, ‘So Bad’
    From The Robin’s Tiny Throat, DURTRO JHANA 1969 CD (2008)
  8. Jon Seagroatt & Ian Staples with Bobbie Watson:
    ‘Daidalos fashions one automaton and later, one labyrinth’
    From Deathless, FUTURE VINYL CD1501 (2015)
  9. Neurosis, ‘Locust Star’
    From Through Silver In Blood, USA RELAPSE RECORDS RR 6938-2 (1996)

A Little Curation

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 2nd December 2016

  1. Møster!, ‘The Future Leaks Out’
    From When You Cut Into The Present, NORWAY HUBRO HUBROCD3565 (2016)
  2. Keith Seatman, ‘Lower Level Clock Room’
    From The Quietened Bunker (Dawn Edition), UK A YEAR IN THE COUNTRY ATA004N CDR (2016)
  3. Neck Vs Throat, ‘Expensive Taps’
    From Volume 3, UK NO LABEL CDR (2016)
  4. Polypores, ‘Bunker 4: Decommissioned’
    From The Quietened Bunker, op. cit.
  5. Grey Heaven Fall, ‘Tranquility Of The Possessed’
  6. Gaap Kvlt, ‘Larache’
    From Jinn, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 123-2 CD (2016)
  7. Beresford Hammond Hume, ‘The Heavy Branch’
    From The Lightning Bell, CANADA THE 52ND 52NDCD002 (2016)
  8. Peter Kuhn, ‘Our World’
    From Our Earth/Our World, USA PFMENTUM CD096 CD (2016)
  9. The New Blockaders, ‘Live At The Rammel Club, Nottingham, 2012’
    From Live At The Rammel Club / The Dome, JAPAN VLZPRODUKT VLZ0043CD (2016)
  10. Arturas Bumšteinas, (Track 02)
    From Organ Safari Lituanica, RUSSIA INTONEMA int019 CD (2016)


The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 2th November 2016

  1. Jamka, ‘Patemp’
    From Inter Alia, SLOVAKIA URBSOUNDS [/] 031 LP (2016)
  2. Monkey Plot, ‘The Couriers’
    From Here I Sit, Knowing All Of This, NORWAY HUBRO HUBROLP3583 LP (2016)
  3. Oiseaux-Tempête, ‘Black As Midnight On Moonless Night’
    From Unworks & Rarities, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR424 CD (2016)
  4. Klara Lewis, ‘Too’
    From Too, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO eMEGO210 CD (2016)
  5. Exhaustion with Kris Wanders, ‘Treasury Gardens’
  6. João Camões with Jean-Marc Foussat, ‘Suite Pour La Troisième Orielle’
    From À La Face Du Ciel, PORTUGAL SHHPUMA SHH022CD (2016)
  7. Michael Moser, (Side A)
    From Antiphon Stein, GERMANY EDITION RZ ed.RZ 9010-11 2 x LP (2016)
  8. Jürgen Eckloff, ‘Jazz’
    From Angeflantschte Flugenstucke, GERMANY 90% WASSER WVINYL021 LP (2016)
  9. Sven-Åke Johansson, Bertrand Denzler and Joel Grip, ‘Sektion 1’
    From Neuköllner Modelle, FRANCE/GERMANY UMLAUT RECORDS UMLP03 LP (2016)
  10. Heart Land, ‘Deep End (With Another Root)’
    From Union Pacific Vol. I, USA CREAM OF TURNER CT/458 LP (2016)

The Control Room

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 18th November 2016

  1. The Keith Tippett Octet, ‘The Dance Of The Return Of The Swallows’
    From The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon, UK DISCUS 56CD (2016)
  2. The British Space Group, Tks 1-7 (Excerpts from ‘Phantasms I’)
    From The Phantasmagoria, UK QUIET WORLD fifty six CD (2016)
  3. Erik Friedlander, ‘Flycatcher’
    From Rings, USA SKIPSTONE RECORDS SKPST 023 CD (2016)
  4. Rara, ‘Budowniczy Ruin’
    From W//\TR, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 125-2 CD (2016)
  5. Wolfram, ‘Exploded View’
    From X, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono2102 CD (2016)
  6. Nick Jonah Davis, ‘Double Peace’
    From House Of Dragons, UK THREAD RECORDINGS THR004 CD (2016)
  7. Thomas Tilly, ‘DAT 1, Location 21 – Unprocessed Field Recording’
    From Test/Tone Documents, FRANCE DRONE SWEET DRONE dsd018 CD (2016)
  8. The Ben Verdery Guitar Project, ‘Little Eye’
    From The Ben Verdery Guitar Project: On Vineyard Sound, USA ELM CITY RECORDS CD (2016)
  9. The International Nothing (And Something), ‘We Can Name You Their Names’
    From The Power Of Negative Thinking, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono086 CD (2015)
  10. Nigel Samways with Foss Moigne, ‘Sanyo 07.1 (Remix)
    From Sanyo 07.1 / Sanyo 07.2 Remixes, UK INTOY INTOY4 3″ CD (2016)

E Pluribus Unum

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 11th November 2016

  1. The Doors, ‘L’America’
    From L.A. Woman, USA ELEKTRA/RHINO 8122-79998-6 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1970.
  2. The Work, ‘I Hate America’
  3. Minutemen, ‘Fake Contest’
    From What Makes A Man Start Fires?, USA SST CD 014 (1991)
    Recorded in 1982.
  4. Art Bears, ‘Democracy’
    From The World As It Is Today, UK ReR ab3 CD (2003)
    Recorded in 1981.
  5. This Heat, ‘S.P.Q.R.’
    From Deceit, UK THESE RECORDS THIS 2 CD (2001)
    Recorded in 1981.
  6. Discharge, ‘Drunk With Power’
    From Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMRCD709 (2003)
    Recorded in 1982.
  7. Mad Genius, ‘Presidential Karaoke’
    From Mad Genius Presents…2012, USA MAD MANOR MULTIMEDIA CD
  8. Steinski and The Mass Media featuring D.J.E.T., ‘The Motorcade Sped On’
    From NME’s Hat Trick, GIV 5 7″ Single (1987)
  9. Buck Gooter, ‘Welcome To The Last Day Of Your Life’
    From First Decade, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR216 LP (2015)
    Recorded in 2011.
  10. Mark Stewart + Maffia, ‘As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade’
    From As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade, UK MUTE STUMM 24 LP (1985)
  11. Eugene Chadbourne:
    ‘The Bully Song’
    ‘Fables Of Faubus’
    From Corpses Of Foreign War, UK FUNDAMENTAL SAVE 10 LP (1986)
    ‘Fightin’ Side Of Me’
    From Country Protest, UK FUNDAMENTAL SAVE 7 LP (1985)
  12. Phil Ochs, ‘That Was The President’
    From I Ain’t Marching Any More, USA CARTHAGE CGLP 4422
  13. Sly And The Family Stone, ‘Poet’
    From There’s A Riot Goin’ On, USA EPIC/LEGACY 82876759112 CD (2003)
    Recorded in 1971.
  14. Åke Hodell, excerpts from Verbal Brainwash, SWEDEN FYLKINGEN FYCD 1018-1-2-3 3 x CD (2000)
  15. This Heat, ‘Independence’
    From Deceit, op. cit.
  16. Art Bears, ‘Armed Peace’ and ‘Civilisation’
    From The World As It Is Today, op. cit.
  17. Mad Genius, ‘Amend The Constitution’
    From Mad Genius Presents…2012, op. cit.

Darkness Falls

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 4th November 2016

  1. Sum Of R, ‘Eleventh Rib’
    From Sum Of R, USA UTECH RECORDS URCD025 (2008)
  2. Elio Martusciello, ‘Musical Exile’
    From Lontano: Homage To Giacinto Scelsi, UK STEFANO TEDESCO PRODUCTIONS CD (2010)
  3. Band Of Pain, ‘Rejected By Resonance’
    From Reculver, UK DIRTER PROMOTIONS DPROMCD47 (1999)
  4. Adam Lygo / Anthony Murphy, ‘Modern Postmanism’
    From Blood Blister, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER SOK036 CDR + 3″ CDR (2010)
  5. Gail Priest, ‘The Dark Entrance’
    From Presentiments From The Spider Garden, AUSTRALIA ENDGAME RECORDS END014 CD (2010)
  6. Sewer Election, ‘Mot Döden’
    From Gothenburg 08, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB06 CD (2008)
  7. cindytalk, ‘We Are Without Words’
    From Up Here In The Clouds, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 106 CD (2010)
  8. Mike Vernusky, ‘Nylah’
    From Music For Film And Electro-Theatre, USA QUIET DESIGN alas012 CD (2010)
  9. Violet, ‘Snakehead Lapping’
    From Violet Ray Gas And The Playback Singers, USA ZEROMOON ZERO008 / SENTIENT RECOGNITION ARCHIVE SRA010 CD (2009)
  10. Thomas Buckner, Edyta Fil, Ilia Belorukov, Alexey Lapin and Juho Laitinen, ‘Part II: Dedication’
    From Bewitched Concert, RUSSIA INTONEMA int002 CD (2011)
  11. Physical Demon, ‘Ommatidia #2’
    From Physical Demon/ The Al Qaeda Septet, USA DEBACLE RECORDS DBL042 CDR (2010)
  12. Tetragrammaton, ‘Portrait Of Turab Pt II’
    From Point Of Convergence, USA UTECH RECORDS URCD032 CD (2010)

Resident Sound Artists

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 28th October 2016

Special guests Hannah Thompson and Steve Skutt, live in the studio


Sound Art Project at Senate House Library