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Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 28th July 2017

  1. American Blues, ‘Comin’ Back Home’
    From American Blues Is Here / Do Their Thing, UK AFTERGLOW AFT011 CD (1987)
  2. Jimi Hendrix, ‘Long Hot Summer Night’
    From Electric Ladyland, 1968
  3. The Byrds, ‘It Happens Each Day’
    From Younger Than Yesterday, COLUMBIA 483708 2 CD (1996)
  4. The Fredric, ‘Morning Sunshine’
    From Phases and Faces, 1968
  5. Kaleidoscope, ‘I Found Out’
    From A Beacon From Mars, UK EDSEL ED CD 288 (1988)
  6. July, ‘The Way’
    From The Second Of July, UK ESSEX 1008 CD
  7. The Beau Brummels, ‘Painter Of Women’
    From Triangle, 1967
  8. Strawberry Alarm Clock, ‘Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow’
    From Incense & Peppermints, 1967
  9. Bulldog Breed, ‘When The Sun Stands Still’
    From Made In England, UK ACME / LION PRODUCTIONS ACLN1004CD (2007)
  10. The Factory, ‘Path Through The Forest’
    From Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 3, UK PAST & PRESENT RECORDS PAPRBOX008 CD (2010)
  11. Pink Floyd, ‘Flaming’ (BBC Session 1967)
    From The Early Years 1967-1972 (2016)
  12. The Troll, ‘Everybody’s Child’
    From Animated Music, 1968
  13. The Monkees, ‘Writing Wrongs’
    From The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees, 1968
  14. Spirit, ‘Poor Richard’
    From The Family That Plays Together, LEGACY / ODE / EPIC 485174 2 CD (1996)
  15. Love, ‘Orange Skies’
    From Da Capo, 1966
  16. Jeff Simmons, ‘Tigres’
    From Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, USA COLLECTORS’ CHOICE CCM-940 CD (2008)
  17. The United States Of America, ‘The American Metaphysical Circus’
    From The United States Of America, 1968
  18. Ultimate Spinach, ‘Happiness Child’
    From Ultimate Spinach III, 1969
  19. The Move, ‘Cherry Blossom Clinic’
    From The Move, UK SALVO SALVODCD207 2 x CD (2007)
  20. Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, ‘Long Nights Of Summer’
    From The Very Best Of, UK SEE FOR MILES SEECD 437 (1996)
  21. The Millennium, ‘Some Sunny Day’
    From Begin, UK REV-OLA CREV052CD (1997)
  22. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, ‘Alley Oop’
    From Gorilla, EMI / LIBERTY 0946 3 87889 2 8 CD (2007)
  23. The Beat Of The Earth, ‘This Record Is An Artistic Statement Part 1’
    From This Record Is An Artistic Statement, 1967

Victor Nubla

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st July 2017

  1. Victor Nubla, ‘Wolframio’
    From Dance Music
  2. Mimí Piner & Víctor Nubla, ‘Constant Electric Mendicandus’
    From Obtención de Galletas
  3. Naïf, ‘Un espejo azul’
    From CarAmba! (Naïf-Atlas)
  4. Naïf, Nouvo Cante
    From Naïf
  5. Oel Oñiram & Víctor Nubla, ‘Los grandes enigmas de Martin Mystère’
    From Obtención de Galletas
  6. Secreto Metro, ‘Henna y los descubrimientos de nuevos restaurantes’
    From El sigilo de la sigilografía
  7. Secreto Metro, ‘Música Sigilo’
    From El sigilo de la sigilografía
  8. Victor Nubla, ‘Danza Uraniana’
    From Dance Music
  9. Victor Nubla, ‘Desfile’
    From Dance Music
  10. Victor Nubla, ‘20000 lenguas’
    From Filmusik
  11. Victor Nubla, ‘Oda a Joe Louis’
    From Filmusik
  12. Victor Nubla, ‘Espejo Ilusorio’
    From Filmusik
  13. Victor Nubla, ‘Amuleto’
    From Integral para MS20 82-86
  14. Victor Nubla, ‘La felicidad de los vecinos’
    From Integral para MS20 82-86
  15. Victor Nubla, ‘Jazzrock’
    From Integral para MS20 82-86
  16. Victor Nubla, ‘Abejas’
    From La vía iluminada
  17. Victor Nubla, ‘En la red’
    From La vía iluminada
  18. Victor Nubla, ‘Piedra Nombre II’
    From Piedra Nombre

All materials from

1, 8, 9 original issue EGK 005 cassette (1986)
2, 5, original issue Laboratorio De Música Desconocida 504 LMD cassette (1984)
3 original issue Filobús Records FD 11 28 (1982)
4 original issue MIRAGE M404 cassette (1981)
6, 7, original isse UMYU NO NUMBER cassette (1982)
10, 11, 12, original issue EGK 021 cassette (1987)
13, 14, 15, original issue unknown (recorded in 1986)
16, 17, original issue ZANFONIA K-100023 CD (1999)
18 original issue G3G Records G3VN1 CD (1995)

Thanks to Salvador Francesch

Catching up with 2016

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th July 2017

Also it’s Engineer’s Week at ResFM

  1. Genetic Transmission, ‘Untitled’ (Track 03)
    From Genetic Transmission, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 130-2 CD (2016)
  2. Fake Cats Project, ‘Brothers (A Live Mix)’
    From Russian Canon, RUSSIA FROZEN LIGHT FZL 017 CD (2016)
  3. Red Dark Sweet, ‘Highway 51 (Parts One and Two)’
    From Stars Vomit Coffee Shop, USA OSR TAPES OSR72 CD (2016)
  4. WWWings with Imaabs and Lao, ‘Pyro’
    From Phoenixxx, UK PLANET MU ZIQ383-P CD (2016)
  5. A.K. Klosowski, ‘Rot Glocken’
    From Plays The Kassetteninstrument, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS gr2035 LP (2016)
  6. Jack O’The Clock, ‘.22, Or Denny Takes One For The Team’
    From Repetitions Of The Old City – I, USA NO LABEL CD (2016)
  7. Some Some Unicorn, ‘Splash Sunlit Oceans’
    From Unicorncopia, UK CLUTTER MUSIC CM023 CD (2016)
  8. Ghédalia Tazartès, Pawel Romanczuk, Andrzej Zaleski, ‘Wolves And Birds’
    From Carp’s Head, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP018 (2016)
  9. Rainier Lericolais / Susan Matthews, ‘Truth Past The Dare’
    From Before I Was Invisible, SIREN WIRE / WILD SILENCE NO NUMBER CDR (2016)
  10. Ariel Guzik, ‘Untitled’ (Track 03)
    From Cordiox, ITALY VON 023 LP (2016)

Pierre Henry – an aural tribute

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th July 2017

  1. Voyage
  2. Hellzapop
  3. Psyché Rock
  4. Jéricho Jerk
  5. Teen Tonic
  6. Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul
  7. Rock Électronique
  8. Marche Du Jeune Homme
  9. Cortical Art III
  10. Fièvre
  11. Mort
  12. Le Trône
  13. Les Âmes Crient
  14. Dislocation

1-2 from Mise En Musique Du Corticalart de Roger Lafosse, CREEL PONE 002 CDR (2005)
Recorded in 1971.
3-5 from Messe Pour Le Temps Présent, on PHILIPS 836.893 LP
Originally issued in 1969
6 from L’œuvre Musicale, MUSIDISC 292572 3 x CD (1998)
7-8 from La Reine Verte, on PHILIPS 836.893 LP
9 from Cortical Art III, CREEL PONE 003 CDR (2006)
Recorded in 1973.
10-11 from Variations Pour Une Porte at un Soupier, on PHILIPS 836.893 LP
12-13 from Apocalypse De Jean, MANTRA 080 2 x CD (1994)
Recorded in 1968.
14 from Le Livre Des Morts Égyptien, MANTRA 043 CD (1990)
Composed 1986-88.

3-5 with Michel Colombier
6 with Pierre Schaeffer

Vinyl Stays At Home

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 30th June 2017

  1. GR, ‘Perforation’
    From Propel Tension On Polyester Base, FRANCE OPAQUE DYNAMO OPADYN01-GR01 LP (2016)
  2. Elephant House, ‘Camel Mom’
    From Pony Ride, UK ADAADAT ADA0049 LP (2017)
  3. Werner Urban:
    ‘Broken Wine Bottle (Intro)’
    ‘Flourescent Tube’
    ‘TL Buis En Een Vibrernde Plank’
    ‘Flat Tire And A Rain Puddle’
    From Dworzec Towarowy, NETHERLANDS ABANDONED AB001 LP (2017)
  4. White, ‘Train Song’
    From White, UK ADAADAT ADA0050 LP (2017)
  5. Trophies, ‘Small Process’
    From A Family Of Three (Band Photo), NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 58ULP (2017)
  6. Gilles Aubry, excerpt from And Who Sees The Mystery, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS CORE 011 LP (2016)
  7. Dino Spiluttini, ‘Drug Lyfe’
    From To Be A Beast, AUSTRIA CUT SURFACE CS004 LP (2017)
  8. Zbigniew Karkowski, ‘Radio Enemy’
  9. Ingrid Schmoliner & Elena Kakaliagou, ‘Schlangenfrau’
    From Nabelóse, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS CORE 012 LP (2017)
  10. Vlad Dobrovolski, ‘Hurry Of The Winds Working Across Open Spaces’
    From The Drums of the Fore and Aft, RUSSIA KOTÄ RECORDS kota19 LP (2017)
  11. Anne Le Berge / Maze, excerpt from Raw, NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 59ULP (2017)

Roil Flush

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 23rd June 2017

  1. Archer / Clark / Grew / Hunter, ‘Sonya’s Goat’
    From Felicity’s Ultimatum, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS 60CD (2017)
  2. The Lickets, ‘Offering to an Ancestor’
    From Offering To Magnetic Mountain, USA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION IC-01 4-A CD (2017)
  3. Daniel Bennett, ‘Tenenbaum’
  4. Pan-Scan Ensemble, ‘Time And Space’
    From Air And Light And Time And Space, NORWAY PNL RECORDS PNL 035 / HISPID 007 CD (2017)
  5. Karoline Leblanc, ‘Cubeb and Lime’
    From A Square Meal, CANADA atrito-afeito 007 CD (2017)
  6. Sult / Marhaug, ‘Harpoon (First)’
    From Harpoon, NORWAY CONRAD SOUND CONRD320 / PICA DISK PICA040 LP (2017)
  7. T Putnam Hill, ‘Cherry Cove, Catalina Island’
    From Phonography Austin Volume 01, USA NO NUMBER CD (2017)
  8. Kazuya Ishigami, ‘Grumbling’
    From Cleaner 583, JAPAN SLOW DOWN RECORDS SDRSW 06 CD (2016)
  9. Tigers Mind, ‘Mid Haste’
    From Paradiso Pudding Mix, DENMARK JVTLANDT JVT0015 CD (2016)
  10. Requiem, ‘Destruction’
    From For A World After, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT009CD (2017)
    Recorded in 1981.

Colossal Youth

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th June 2017

  1. Noxagt, ‘Titanic’
    From Collection 1, NORWAY DRID MACHINE RECORDS DMR15 LP (2014)
  2. Karl 2000, ‘Derrrrrr…’
    From Karl 2000, USA GSI RECORDS NO NUMBER CD (2012)
  3. The Grateful Dead, ‘Groove #2’
    From Blues For Allah (Expanded Edition), UK RHINO RECORDS 8122-73354-2 HDCD (2006)
  4. The Cravats, ‘Execute His Will’
    From The Land Of The Giants, UK OVERGROUND RECORDS OVER 112VP 2 x CD (2006)
  5. Sun Ra, ‘Cosmic Rays / The Next Stop Mars’
    From Continuation, USA CORBETT VS DEMPSEY CvsD CD009 2 x CD (2013)
  6. Toddesstoss, ‘Verwehung’
    From Hirngemeer, ITALY I VOIDHANGER RECORDS IVR045 CD (2015)
  7. Bryan Jacobs, ‘TsTs’
    From Dis Un Il Im Ir, USA CARRIER RECORDS CARRIER 023 CD (2014)
  8. Finis Africae, ‘Hombres Trueno’
    From El Secreto De Las 12, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1118CD CD (2013)
  9. Iancu Dumitrescu, ‘Fluxus For Tapes and Orchestra’
    From Five Pieces, ROMANIA ED.MN.1008 CD (1997)
  10. Sławomir Kupczak, excerpt from Report, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR 1015 / niklas n/009 CD (2012)
  11. Jimmy Lyons, ‘After You Left’
    From Push Pull, USA CORBETT VS DEMPSEY CvsD CD022 2 x CD (2016)

Your Life in a Box

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 2nd June 2017

  1. Golden Diskó Ship, ‘Flaming Flamingo’
    From Imaginary Boys, GERMANY KARL RECORDS KR032 LP (2017)
  2. Winter Family, ‘Archaic Landscape’
    From South From Here, FRANCE ICI D’AILLEURS IDA121 / ALT.VINYL AV073 (2016)
  3. APUH!, ‘Mr MD’
    From Freedom Of Peach, SWEDEN PÄLSROBOT RECORDS PRCD006 (2017)
  4. Marcus Fjellström, ‘Skelekton Dance 1’
    From Skelektikon, NORWAY MIASMAH MIA 036 LP/CD (2017)
  5. Golden Oriole, ‘The Approaching Of The Disco Void’
    From Golden Oriole, NORWAY DRID MACHINE DRM27 LP (2017)
  6. Storm Bugs, ‘Triangulation’
    From Certified Original And Vintage Fakes, UK SNATCH TAPES TCH 218 CDR (2017)
  7. Paal Nilssen-Love / Frode Gjerstad, ‘Flying Circus’
    From Nearby Faraway, NORWAY PNL RECORDS PNL036 CD (2017)
  8. Raphael Rogiński, ‘So When The Glitt’ring Queen Of Night’
    From Populista Presents Raphael Rogiński Plays Henry Purcelll, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR POP18 CD
  9. Egidija Medekšaitė, ‘Akasha’
    From Tekstilė / Textile, MUSIC INFORMATION CENTRE LITHUANIA MICL CD092 (2017)
  10. Simon Balestrazzi, ‘The Bird Of Paraside’
    From Early Recordings (1979-1982), ITALY AZOTH rebis 004 CD (2016)
  11. Strycharski / Andriessen, ‘Harmonie’
    From Ghost, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR 1039 CD (2017)
  12. Yannis Kyriakides, ‘Toponymy’
    From Subvoice, NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 57u 2 x CD (2016)

ElectroAcoustic V

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th May 2017

  1. Lieutenant Caramel, ‘Better World With Marc’
    From Early Tape Works, RUSSIA MONOCHROME VISION mv08 2 x CD (2006)
  2. Noah Creshevsky, ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’
    From Favorite Encores, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21049-2 CD (2008)
  3. Gabriel Prokofiev / Peter Gregson, ‘Medasyn ‘Défoncé Dans Le 20ème’ Remix’
    From Cello Multitracks, UK NONCLASSICAL NONCLSS014 CD (2012)
  4. John Harvey, ‘Braver Notes’
  5. Victor Nubla, excerpt from Empúries, SPAIN HRÖNIR gmhlooj CD (2002)
  6. Iannis Xenakis, ‘Hibiki-Hana-Ma’
    From Electronic Music, USA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FOUNDATION EMF CD 003 CD (1997)
  7. Trevor Wishart, ‘C’
    From Machine, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 25 (2008)
  8. Rune Lindblad, ‘Optica 2’
    From Forerunners – Swedish Electronic And Concrete Music 1955-65, SWEDEN FYLKINGEN FYCD 1027 CD (2008)
  9. Philip Jeck, ‘Dark Rehearsal’
    From An Ark For The Listener, UK TOUCH TO:81 CD (2010)

Retribution will be Swift

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 19 May 2017

  1. Fond Of Tigers, ‘Uninhabit’
    From Uninhabit, CANADA OFF SEASON OFF007 CD (2016)
  2. CE François Couture, ‘Magie Rouge’
  3. Tunnels Of Ah, ‘Demonic Forms’
    From Surgical Fires, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR226CD (2016)
  4. Film In Music, ‘Epilogue To Part 1’
    From Tell Tale, CANADA DRIP AUDIO DA01287 CD (2016)
  5. Hen Ogledd, ‘Gondoliers’
    From Bronze, UK ALT.VINYL AV069 LP (2016)
  6. Tanya Tagaq, ‘Summoning’
    From Retribution, CANADA SIX SHOOTER RECORDS SIX0102 CD (2016)
  7. Paul Wirkus, ‘1982’
    From Discours Amoureux, GERMANY EDITION BEIDES BEIDES 2 CD (2016)
  8. Dennis Tyfus & Kris Maes, ‘Stevige Nacht’
    From BELGIUM MEEUW MUZAK 047 7″ Single (2016)
  9. Michel Redolfi, ‘Opening’
    From Desert Tracks, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR418 CD (2016)(
  10. Chris Abrahams and Burkhard Beins, ‘The Decline of Reductionism’
    From Instead Of The Sun, MALAYSIA HERBAL INTERNATIONAL 1602 CD (2016)
  11. pinkcourtesyphone, ‘Horizontal Format (For D. Marti)’
    From Taking Into Account Only A Portion Of Your Emotions, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 236 CD (2016)
  12. Chester Hawkins, ‘Pale Trees, Part 2’
    From Natural Causes, USA INTANGIBLE ARTS IA019 LP (2017)