TSP 8th issue now available to download

The Sound Projector 8ighth Issue, originally published in 2000 and out of print for some years, can now be perused in digital form. Sometimes nicknamed ‘THE EL LISSITZKY ISSUE’ or ‘ONE MORE RED NIGHTMARE’. Scanned direct from the original artwork and rendered as PDFs. A new index has been added to this digital edition. Contains interviews with those noted geniuses Pita Rehberg, Rev Dwight Frizzell, Reynols, Peter Blegvad, Donald Miller and John Gill of Big Stick. Excellent written contributions from Rik Rawling, Richard Rees Jones, Chris Atton, Harley Richardson, John Bagnall, Ian Nagoski, Jim Haynes, Shaun Robert, War Arrow, and the very first appearance of Jennifer Hor. Artworks by Scott Stevens, Rik Rawling, Chris Atton, Shaun Robert, Ed Pinsent and Donald Miller. This digital edition is almost an exact facsimile of the original, except that one page of adverts has gone missing, and artist Ian Middleton declined to have his drawings reproduced on the internet at this time.

A small technical note: the PDF files are images, so the text will not be searchable in your PDF reader. A version in plain text will be made available in due course.

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