The Sound Projector 21st Issue out now!

£8.00 plus postage from

NEW INTERVIEWS WITH Anne Guthrie / Lutnahimat / Nathalie Bles / Nick Hoffman / The Truth About Frank / Tim Olive / Vicki Bennett / The Warm Digits / Andrea Pensado / Brandon Nickell / Mike Vernusky / Jesse Stiles / Wozzeck / Vialka / Architeuthis Walks On Land

144 pages, perfect bound, colour covers, B/W interiors. Full description of contents coming soon.

NB: all but ten of the record reviews this issue have already been published on this blog; the texts are being recycled in this print publication. To compensate for this in some degree, the interviews (54 pages of 144 pages) are all new content. Plus drawings, photos, new cover scans, index…

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