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Musicians! Please donate to Resonance FM! Keep The Sound Projector on the air!

Dear musician,

Please donate to Resonance FM, the station which hosts The Sound Projector Radio Show. If you’ve ever submitted a CD to TSP, the chances are I’ve played your music on the air.

A show like The Sound Projector Radio Show is a very rare thing indeed, and is probably one of the few “footholds” you have for airplay / exposure of your music. Through podcasts, broadcasting and webstreaming, your music reaches more listeners through my show. If that is worth something to you, then please donate to Resonance, on whom I depend. My target is to raise GBP 500. If I don’t meet the target, Resonance will consider taking my show off the air.

If you were unaware of the exposure I’ve been giving you, see my archive of podcasts or simply use the search box on this site to find your name.

Resonance FM is currently trying to raise money to bolster its imminent application to Arts Council England. To this end, the radio station wants to build reserves – savings which indicate its financial resilience and which it can draw upon in exceptional circumstances.


Please help by donating to Resonance today. You can do this here or here.

All it takes is fifty musicians donating £10 each for me to reach this year’s target.


Resonance does not own a building, so it has few material assets; nor does it charge for its service, so it very much relies on the generosity of you. Please take a moment to show your appreciation of our broadcasts and secure the station’s future. Thank you!

Two additional notes:

  • Please mention The Sound Projector or Ed Pinsent in your communication when you donate.
  • If you are a UK tax payer you can add value to your donation to Resonance’s registered charity (number 290236) through GiftAid.

Thank you for reading…give till it hurts!


Ed Pinsent
The Sound Projector

Click here to donate directly to Resonance FM

Click here to donate via Just Giving

P.S. did I mention we accept other currencies too? For our American friends, you need only donate slightly over $16! That’ll get you change from a double sawbuck…


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