One Small Breakthrough

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 11th July 2014

  1. Moskus, ‘Tandem med Sankt Peter’
    From Mestertyven, NORWAY HUBRO HUBROCD2535 (2014)
  2. Rodolphe Alexis, ‘Jaco’s pairs fights’
    From Morne Diablotins, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER GRUEN 139 CD (2013)
  3. Beata Hlavenková, ‘Maiosa’
    From Theodoros, CZECH REPUBLIC ANIMAL MUSIC ANI 037 2 CD (2013)
  4. Bruce Gilbert and BAW, ‘Rest/Reflection’
    From Diluvial, UK TOUCH TO:87 CD (2013)
  5. Andrew Lewis, ‘Ascent’
    From Au-Delà, CANADA empreintes DIGITALes IMED 13125 CD (2013)
  6. Tibetan Red, ‘Invisible Voices’
    From Narrative Spaces, SPAIN ANTAHKARANA RECORDS NO NUMBER CD (2012)
  7. Florian Wittenburg, ‘2nd patch for Steve Reich’
    From 17 Clips, GERMANY NUR/NICHT/NUR 313 97 03 CD + DVD
  8. Zygmunt Krauze, ‘Fête galante et pastorale’
    From Instrumental Concertos, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1021 / DUX 0996 CD (2013)
  9. Burkhard Stangl, ‘#2 unfinished – sailing’
    From Unfinished. For William Turner, painter., UK TOUCH TO:92 CD (2013)
  10. Phill Niblock, ‘Dither Guitar Quartet’
    From Touch Five, UK TOUCH TO:91 2 x CD (2013)

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