How To React

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 8th May 2020

  1. Synchrontrony, ‘Darmobit’
    From Synchrontrony, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM2003 CD (2020)
  2. Stéphane Garin and Jean-Philippe Gross, ‘Floor Tom And Electronics’
    From Dénombrement, FRANCE EICH 003 CD (2019)
  3. Joke Lanz & Jonas Kocher, ‘Family Country’
    From Abstract Musette, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core018 LP (2020)
  4. Die Angel, ‘Cargo Cult’
    From Utopien I, GERMANY KARL RECORDS KR077 LP (2020)
  5. Jan Martin Smørdal and Ensemble neoN, ‘React II’
    From Choosing to Sing, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA579 CD (2020)
  6. Talking Book, ‘Zastava’
    From Talking Book II, USA KOOLARROW RECORDS KACA042 LP (2020)
  7. Szabolcs Esztenyi, ‘Cathedral’
    From For Andrzrj Biezan, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR1060 CD (2019)
  8. GGRIL, ‘Silent Lights’
    From GGRIL Plays Ingrid Laubrock, FRANCE CIRCUM DISC microcidi015 / CANADA TOUR DE BRAS TDB9039cd CD (2019)
  9. The Stone Tapes, ‘A Thousand Decimal Faces’
    From Revolutions In The Head, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACU 1015 CD (2019)
  10. Pefkin, ‘I Am John Rae’
    From Celestial Navigations, BELGIUM MORC RECORDS MORC81 LP (2010)
  11. Martin Küchen & Samo Kutin, ‘Uncaged (Take 1)’
    From Stutter & Strike, SLOVENIA ZAVOD SPLOH ZASCD 021 CD (2020)


  1. Dear Mr. Pinsent,
    I just caught the May 7 podcast and I think that your remote show works very well! It was very good to hear your voice again and I am glad that you are sounding well.
    Thanks for keeping us up to speed on your selection of experimental, jazz, noise and avant-garde musics. ManyThanks for the music during these trying times.
    Best regards,
    Jim Dennis

  2. Dear Jim Dennis
    Many thanks for this encouraging comment. It was good fun adding voiceovers and easier than I expected it to be. I won’t tell you how it’s done as I hate to ruin the illusion.
    This has spurred me on to prepare this week’s show with renewed enthusiasm. Much appreciated.

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