Progressive Rock XIII

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th October 2022

  1. Solution, ‘Koan’
    From Solution (1971)
  2. Recreation, ‘Running For Your Life’
    From Recreation (1971)
  3. Flux, ‘Atonal’
    From Flux (1973)
  4. Motiffe, ‘Analogy’
    From Motiffe (1972)
  5. Trifle, ‘Is It Loud’
    From First Meeting (1971)
  6. Black Widow, ‘Attack of the Demon’
    From Sacrifice (1970)
  7. Guranfoe, ‘Night’s First Light’
    From Sim Of Erda (2019)
  8. Steve Hackett, ‘A Tower Struck Down’
    From Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)
  9. Paroni Paakkunainen, ‘Kaksi Pienta Ihmislasta’
    From Plastic Mailmaa (1971)
  10. Pete Brown & his Battered Ornaments, ‘Morning Call’
    From A Meal You Can Shake Hands With In The Dark (1969)
  11. Rainbird, ‘Broken Ladder’
    From Maiden Flight (1971)
  12. Phantasia, ‘Give Life Another Try’
    From Phantasia (1971)
  13. Jumble Lane, ‘Preserve’
    From Jumble Lane (1971)
  14. Jordsjo, ‘Skumring I Karesuando’
    From Pastoralia (2021)
  15. Needlepoint, ‘Web Of Worry’
    From Walking Up That Valley (2021)
  16. Malady, ‘Sisavesien rannat’
    From Ainavihantaa (2021)

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