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The Sound Projector Music Magazine 25th Issue
Published February 2019
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128 pp of record reviews, illustrations, index

Written contributions from Stuart Marshall, Jennifer Hor, Steve Pescott, Paul Khimasia Morgan and your editor, Ed Pinsent

Victor Nubla photo by Io Casino

The Dreamer That Remains

In this issue: an interview with Víctor Nubla, the Spanish avant-garde musician
Introduced by his old friend Salvador Francesch (Tibetan Red), who also translated it.

“Everything in Barcelona, especially the Gracia area which is like Camden in London, or any other section of town with some feverish activity, was happening around Macromassa. The mind behind this extraordinary initiatives was always Víctor Nubla…Víctors’ work solo stands by itself with strength and superb creativity. It encompasses everything that was current in Europe plus his touch of unique personality. You have to penetrate his world and his psycho-somatic spheres where he perambulates at ease between strangeness, dream situations, and melancholy. Listening to his music always feels like you have fallen into a David Lynch’s dream within a dream scenario.”

Besides being a performer, composer and studio genius, Nubla is a painter, film-maker, print-maker, collector, and lover of esoteric knowledge.

Collage by Stuart Marshall

Violet Vibrations

Reviews of Soviet Electronic music by Jennifer Hor, including records by Edward Artemyiev, Yuri Morozov, Boris Petrov, Alfred Schnittke, Edison Denisov and Vyacheslav Mescherin Ensemble!

Drawing by Ed Pinsent

Visually speaking…

  • Collages by Stuart Marshall
  • Portraits of musicians by Ed Pinsent
  • Pop art drawings in the Hairy Who style by Ed Pinsent
  • Papercuts by Yol