The Wind and More (TSP radio 27/03/09)

  1. Braaz, ‘Walzenheim’
    From So!, AUSTRIA ZACH RECORDS ZACH 006 CD (2009)
  2. Borg, (Track 2)
    From IA, USA PHASERPRONE PPR15 CD (2009)
  3. The One Ensemble Orchestra, ‘The Beacon’
    From Other Thunders, UK NO-FI NEU013 CD (2009)
  4. Metalycée, ‘Satisfy My Soul’
    From It is Not, AUSTRIA MOSZ 020 CD (2009)
  5. Hecker, ‘Acid In The Style Of David Tudor’
    From Acid In The Style Of David Tudor, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 094P CD (2009)
  6. Viviane Houle and Stefan Smulovitz, ‘PTON’
    From La Belle at La Bête, USA NOW ORCHESTRA RECORDS CLNOW002 CD (2008)
  7. Conrad Schnitzler, ‘Untitled’ (Track 7)
    From Windvogel, RUSSIA WAYSTYX 44 CD (2008)
  8. Otomo Yoshihide and Paul Hession, ‘The Bill’
    From Good Cop Bad Cop, UK NO-FI NEU011 CD (2009)
  9. Autopsia, ‘Radical Machine VIII’
    From Radical Machines Night Landscapes, PRAGUE ILLUMINATING TECHNOLOGIES IT 0010 CD (2008)
  10. Broken Arm Trio, ‘Knife Points’
    From Broken Arm Trio, USA SKIPSTONE RECORDS 003 CD (2009)
  11. AUN, ‘Tongueless Vigils’
    From Motorsleep, CANADA ALIEN8RECORDINGS ALIENCD80 CD (2009)
  12. Hildur Gudnadóttir, ‘Into Warmer Air’
    From Without Sinking, UK TOUCH TONE TO:70 CD (2009)
  13. Sébastien Roux and Vincent Epplay, ‘O SOLEIL / in SUN SPACE/’
    From Concatenative Mu, FRANCE BROCOLI 005 CD (2009)
  14. PBK, ‘Poems for Painters’
    From Under My Breath, RUSSIA WAYSTYX 35 CD (2009)
  15. Mathieu Ruhlmann, ‘The Shortest Path from Pebble to God 6’
    From Fourteen Worms for Victor Hugo, USA GEARS OF SAND RECORDINGS gos 46 CD (2008)
  16. The Now Orchestra, ‘The Great Blue Orb and the Well Hung Chads’
    From Animal Tales, USA NOW ORCHESTRA RECORDS CLNOW005 CD (2009)
  17. Locrian, ‘Obsolete Elegy in Cast Concrete’

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