Morton Feldman on Good Friday

The Sound Projector Radio Show Good Friday 2011

  1. Ensemble Recherce, ‘The Viola in My Life’
    From MONTAIGNE MO 782126 CD (2000)
  2. UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus, ‘Rothko Chapel I’
    From NEW ALBION RECORDS NA039CD (1991)
  3. The Barton Workshop, ‘Between Categories’
    From MODE RECORDS 107 CD (2002)
  4. I B Hausmann / Pellegrini Quartet, ‘Two Pieces for Clarinet and String Quartet’
    a) No 1
    b) No 2
    From HAT ART CD 6166 CD (1995)
  5. Ensemble Recherce, ‘For Franck O’Hara’
    From MONTAIGNE MO 782126 CD (2000)
  6. The Barton Workshop, ‘Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano’
    From MODE RECORDS 107 CD (2002)
  7. Eberhard Blum / Nils Vigeland / Jan Williams, ‘Why Patterns?’
    From HAT ART CD 2-6080 2 x CD (1991)

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