A Vinyl Whirl For July

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th July 2018

  1. The Futurians, ‘Stealth Attack’
  2. Kotra vs Edward Sol, ‘First Axe’
  3. Joe Germlin, ‘Tricorder In Sneaker’
  4. Akadama Bros, ‘Sunshine’
  5. The Futurians, ‘P11’
  6. Kotra vs Edward Sol, ‘Fourth Axe’
  7. Joe Germlin, ‘Arp Chop’
  8. Akadama Bros, ‘Akadama Dub’
  9. Viewer, ‘Unhinged Flute’
  10. Chik White, ‘Seep’
  11. Angela Sawyer, ‘Cold Enough To Love’
  12. StriĆ«, ‘Test For Ability’
  13. The Doozer, ‘Cricketing Men’
  14. Chris Weisman, ‘Nothing More But You’
  15. Julia Reidy, ‘All Is Ablaze’
  16. David Maranha, (Side A)
  17. Viewer, ‘Cathedral Of Cards’
  18. Angela Sawyer, ‘Millicent Bell’
  19. Thierry Monnier, ‘Interfluve’

1, 5 from Distorted Living, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR309 LP (2018)
2, 6 from Sokyra, UKRAINE KVITNU 53 EP (2017)
3, 7 from No Master Dynamics, UK ADAADAT ADA0052 LP (2018)
4, 8 from Sunshine, UK ADAADAT ADA0051 EP (2018)
9, 17 from True Friend Record, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR334 LP (2017)
10 from Stranger Calls To Land, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR363 LP (2017)
11, 18 from On The Pedestrian Side, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR292 LP (2016)
12 from Perpetual Journey, UK SEREIN SERE 014 EP (2018)
13 from Figurines, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR360 LP (2018)
14 from Chaos Isn’t Single, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR341 LP (2018)
15 from All Is Ablaze, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR338 LP (2018)
16 from Cai-Bem, BELGIUM TANUKI Records 28 LP (2017)
19 from Temps Espace, FRANCE DOUBTFUL SOUNDS doubt 15 LP (2017)

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