Rock Music from Russia

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th November 2021

  1. Pree Tone, ‘Hidden Beauty’
    From Brekka, RUSSIA NO NAME 756 CD (2021)
  2. Ciolkowska, ‘Gingerbreads’
    From Psychedelia, RUSSIA NO NAME 740 CD (2020)
  3. The Moon Mistress, ‘Cease To Exist’
    From Silent Voice Inside, RUSSIA NO NAME 747 CD (2020)
  4. The Grand Astoria, ‘Us Against the World’
    From From The Great Beyond, RUSSIA NO NAME 770 CD (2021)
  5. Dogs Bite Back, ‘You Are A Beast!’
    From Back? Forward!, RUSSIA NO NAME 776 CD (2021)
  6. Crust, ‘Watching Emptiness’
    From Stoic, RUSSIA NO NAME 752 CD (2021)
  7. USSSY, ‘Strazh Pusti Menya’
    From Po Krugu, USA KOOLARROW KACA044 LP (2020)
  8. Lucidvox, ‘You Are’
    From We Are, GERMANY GLITTERBEAT GBCD 099 (2020)
  9. Kavina / Letov / Kitlyar / Salnikov / Borisov, (Track 04)
    From Oxford News, RUSSIA SELF-RELEASED CD (2018)
  10. Grey Mouse, ‘Here Comes The Storm’
    From A Moment Of Weakness, RUSSIA NO NAME 766 CD (2021)
  11. Jagath, ‘Nila (Darkness)’
    From Devalaya, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR290CD (2020)
  12. Alexei Borisov, ‘Berlin’
    From Multiviza, AUSTRIA LATON 046 CD (2007)

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