Winter Themes

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th January 2022

  1. Konstrukt feat. Thurston Moore, ‘Sis’
    From Turkish Belly, GERMANY KARL RECORDS KR084 LP (2021)
  2. Viktor Timofeev, ‘Portal Of Zin 1’
    From Palace Of Peace and Reconciliation, USA LO BIT LANDSCAPES LBL013 LP / CD (2021)
  3. Rdeca Raketa, ‘Like Gasoline’
    From …And Cannot Reach The Silence, AUSTRIA VENTIL RECORDS V_026 LP (2021)
  4. Ice Yacht, ‘Over The Horizon’
    From Colour Buffer, UK SNATCH TAPES tch 222 CASSETTE (2021)
  5. Flukten, ‘Budeie Boogie’
    From Velkommen Hap, NORWAY ODIN RECORDS ODINCD0576 (2021)
  6. Blue Sausage Infant, ‘Impatient For Sunrise’
    From Supple Supple, USA INTANGIBLE ARTS IA014 CD (2021)
  7. Juhani Silvola, ‘The Slow Smokelesss Burning of Decay’
    From The Slow Smokelesss Burning of Decay, NORWAY EIGHTH NERVE AUDIO 8nerve009 CD (2021)
  8. Tibetan Red and Tomaso Corbetta, ‘Bardo’
  9. Ice Yacht, ‘Dead Heat’ (excerpt)

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