Cut n Paste (TSP radio show 12/03/04)

  1. a Evolution Control Committee, ‘Music for Selling’
    b Orange Head, ‘Real CM deep inside your Life’
    c Realistic, ‘Trademark Messaging’
    From Commercial Ad Hoc, USA, ILLEGAL ART 003 CD (2000)
  2. Vitamin B12:
    a ‘Agent 009’
    b ‘Harry’s Harmonica Hop’
    c ‘Profiles and Grotesques’
    d ‘Photolux’
    e ‘Hunt and Peck’
    f ‘Danger Incorporated’
    g ‘Inspector Block’s Holyday’
    From Two 10″ Gatefold Set, ITALY ELICA 3VL-3708 2 x 10″ LPs (2003)
  3. V/Vm:
    a ‘Bouncing Brinnington meat and hag balls’
    b ‘Laughing all the way to his tank’
    From Help Aphex Twin 4.0, UK V/VM TEST RECORDS HAT 04 CD (2003)
  4. People Like Us:
    a ‘Ready to fly?’
    b ‘People like modern clothing’
    c ‘Far out listening’
    d ‘Handjob’
    e ‘I am very happy’
    f ‘One final word’
    All plulinks from Hate People Like Us, STAALPLAAT STCD126 2 x CD (1999)
  5. People Like Us:
    a ‘Dolly Pardon’
    b ‘Bitter Dregs’
    From Stifled Love, USA MESS MEDIA MESS 2 VINYL LP (2002)
  6. People Like Us, ‘Morning, Pedro’
    From A Fistful of Knuckles, USA CACIOCAVALLO CAD 10 CD (2000)
  7. Felix Kubin, extract from ‘Jane B. ertrinkt mit den Pferder’, UK DISKONO 012 10″ VINYL LP (1999)
  8. Broken Penis Orchestra, ‘Broken pt. 2’
    From Plays With Itself, UK HYPNAGOGIA HYP04 CD_R (2003)
  9. Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Du pop à l’ane’
    From Pop Eclectic, GERMANY PLATE LUNCH PL08 CD (1999)
  10. Ground-Zero , extracts from Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver. 1.28, UK RER MEGACORP RER GZ1 CD (1996)
  11. Bladder Flask, extract from ‘It Takes a Bliss’
    From One Day I was so sad that the corners of my mouth met and everybody thought I was whistling, POLAND SONARIA SON 5.01 CD (2001)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM