The Crackling Esther (TSP radio show 02/04/04)

  1. Shirt Trax, ‘a2iNUM’
    From good news about space, UNITED KINGDOM OR LIP 9 CD (1999)
  2. Rehberg and Bauer, ‘finga’
    From passt, UNITED KINGDOM TOUCH # TO:45CD (2001)
  3. a. Minifer, ‘friedrich’s armchair’
    b. Shinsei and Regressive Audio, ‘an aquarium with fighting dragon-like carp inside’
    From Room 106, JAPAN CIRQUE CQCD-006 (2003)
  4. Brendan Walls, extract from ‘Section one’ of cassia fistula, USA IDEA 2005 CD (2002)
  5. General Magic:
    a. ‘datalurity’
    b. ‘beatgur’
    c. ‘in teil kotzen’
    d. ‘raus space lurgen’
    From rechenköning, AUSTRIA MEGO 032 CD (2000)
  6. Martin Archer, ‘Death-runes, death-rumours, ruins, rains of death’
    From Winter Pilgrim Arriving, UNITED KINGDOM DISCUS 12CD (1999)
  7. Pimmon, ‘Feather Prophet’
    From secret sleeping birds, PORTUGAL SIRR.ecords 2005 CD (2001)
  8. L.O.S.D., extract from 7 Songs 77 Frequencies, GOD*FACTORY 7.7 CD (2000)
  9. Aleph, ‘nadprzyrodzone rozmowy’
    From Taśmy z Dźwiękiem, POLAND SIMPLE LOGIC RECORDS SIMLOG 004 CD-R (ND)
  10. Buildings, ‘dimorphous moon’
    From Travel in a Balloon, NEW ZEALAND EDEN GULLY 006 CD-R (2001)
  11. Giuseppe Ielasi and Domenico Sciajno, ‘honey (to sg)’
    From Right After, USA ERSTWHILE RECORDS 020 CD (2001)
  12. We’re Breaking Up, (Track 2)
    From love distance endless endless, UNITED KINGDOM TWOTHOUSANDAND 2++2 CD (2002)
  13. Stop, ‘gh’

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM