Hairy Americans (TSP radio show 16/04/04)

Underground USA: We are Curious Red White and Blue

  1. Jesus With Me, ‘Never Got to China’
    From Various Artists, Space is No Place: NYC Noise from the Underground, USA PSYCH-O-PATH RECORDS CDPSP-5 CD (2003)
  2. a. Sun City Girls, ‘Blue Mambo’
    b. Sun City Girls, ‘Esoterica of Abyssinia’
    From Torch of the Mystics, USA TUPELO RECORDING COMPANY TUP 44-2 CD (ND)
  3. Butchy Fuego, ‘The Paleontologist’
  4. Sightings, ‘Untitled’
    From Space is No Place, op cit.
  5. Matt Bua / Matt Mikas / Tom Roe, ‘Of The Bridge’
    From Of The Bridge, USA FREE103POINT9 AD005 12″ VINYL SINGLE (ND)
  6. No Neck Blues Band, ‘Play Your Play’
    From Intonomancy, USA SOUNDATONE S@1#64 CD (2003)
  7. Tart, ‘Bring in the Admiral’
    From Bring in the Admiral, USA SWILL RADIO 022 LP (2002)
  8. Paul Flaherty, ‘Little Death’
    From Voices, USA WET PAINT 3002 CD (2003)
  9. Sunburned Hand of the Man, ‘Rivershine’
    From The Trickle-Down Theory of Lord Knows What, USA ECLIPSE RECORDS NO NUMBER VINYL LP (2003)
  10. Flaming Fire, ‘There is a Sky’
    From Space is No Place, op cit.
  11. Cerberus Shoal, ‘Mrs Shakespeare Torso’
    From Chaiming The Knoblessone, USA NORTH EAST INDIE RECORDS NEI 29 CD (2003)
  12. Glands of External Secretion, extract from Tubular Bells, USA STARLIGHT FURNITURE CO i19 VINYL LP (2003)
  13. Enos Slaughter, ‘Miniature Mass, Indian Masters’ (fade)
    From Space is No Place, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM