Electroacoustic (TSP radio show 30/04/04)

  1. Alain Basso, ‘Arraignée’
    From Ab irato, FRANCE COLLECTIF ET CIE C&C MG 01 CD (ND)
  2. David Dunn, ‘…with zitterings of flight released’
    From Four Electroacoustic Compostions, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS POGUS P21026-2 CD (2002)
  3. Quintet Avant, ‘Les Clous Moux’
    From Floppy Nails, AUSTRIA MEGO 059 LP (2002)
  4. Lionel Marchetti, extract from Train de nuit (Noord 3-683), FRANCE METAMKINE MKCD029 CD (2002)
  5. Anton Bruhin, ‘Paul is 35’
    From rotormotor, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-B 6TES.041 CD (2001)
  6. De Fabriek, extract from ‘River of Tears’
    From Quatro-Erogenic Occupy Theme’s, FRANCE MOLOKO + PLUS 039 CD (2001)
  7. Michèle Bokanowski, extract from Trois Chambres d’Inquiétude (1976), USA ELEVATOR BATH EEAOA07 CD (ND)
  8. Spear, ‘Open’
    From Sapphire Flower, POLAND IGNIS PROJEKT DI 010 CD (ND)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM