These Records RIP (TSP radio show 18/06/04)

Theme: ‘A tribute to the These Records shop (RIP)’

  1. This Heat, ‘Horizontal Hold’ (1977)
    From Made Available: John Peel Sessions, UNITED KINGDOM THESE 10 CD (1996)
  2. Sun Ra, ‘Neptune’ (1973)
    From Discipline 27-11, USA EL SATURN RESEARCH 538 LP (ND)
  3. Andrew Jacques, ‘ronco’
    From Variations: A London compilation, UNITED KINGDOM PARADIGM PD 01 CD (1995)
  4. Henry Flynt, ‘Double Spindizzy’ (1975)
    From New American Ethnic Music Volume 2 – Spindizzy, USA RECORDED MUSIC 006 CD (ND)
  5. Interlude – :zoviet-france:, ‘Dhimmi’ (1986)
    From Gesture Signal Threat, CHARRMCD9 (1995)

  6. Iannis Xenakis, ‘Orient-Occident’ (1960)
    From Electronic Music, USA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FOUNDATION EMF CD 003 (1997)
  7. Sparks, ‘(No More) Mr Nice Guys’ (1972)
    From Sparks, GERMANY REPERTOIRE RR 4052-C CD (1990)
  8. The Residents (1982):
    a.’The Letter’
    b. ‘Bach is Dead’
    c. ‘Constantinople’
    From Assorted Secrets, USA RALPH AMERICA RA 008 CD (2002)
  9. This Heat (1981):
    a. ‘Shrink Wrap’
    b. ‘Radio Prague’
    c. ‘Makeshift Swahili’
    From Deceit, UNITED KINGDOM THESE THIS 2 CD (2001)
  10. Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Polyphonie’ (1982-1984)
    From La Création Du Monde, FRANCE INA GRM INA C 1002 CD (1996)
  11. The Vitamin B12:
    a) ‘Twisted’
    b) ‘Mark of Giant Hands’
    From 2 LP Gatefold Set (ND)
  12. The Upsyndicates, ‘Kill The Music’
    From Lee Perry: Wizdom 1971-1975, AUSTRALIA ASCENSION RECORDS ANLP 001 (ND)
  13. Voice Crack, ‘Choice’
    From infra_red, SWITZERLAND UHLANG PRODUCTION UP11 CD (1999)
  14. Plus: catch 20-22, UNITED KINGDOM RAFT 120 (2002) appearing intermittently through the show

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM