Guitars, rock noise + feedback (TSP radio show 20/08/04)

  1. Black Sabbath, ‘Hole in the Sky’
    From Sabotage, UK NEMS 9119 001 LP (1975)
  2. Lightning Bolt, ‘Dracula Mountain’
    From Wonderful Rainbow, USA LOAD RECORDS LOAD 041 CD (2002)
  3. High Rise, ‘Ikon’
    From Disallow, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-78 CD (1996)
  4. Slayer, ‘Silent Scream’
    From South of Heaven, UK DEF JAM RECORDINGS LONLP 63 LP (1988)
  5. Head of David, ‘Bugged’
    From Nothing Short of Total War (Part One), UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 13 LP (1989)
  6. Guitar Wolf, ‘Jett Rock’
    From Run Wolf Run, JAPAN LESS THAN TV CH 5 CD (1995)
  7. Musica Transonic, ‘9?O5+C 9!))+;’
    From Musica Transonic, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-61 CD (1995)
  8. Guitar Wolf, ‘Rumble’
    From Run Wolf Run, op cit,
  9. Fushitsusha, ‘This trembling in my core, with which of your cells couldn’t it hold hands!’
    From Gold Blood, USA CHARNEL RECORDS CHCD-30 CD (1998)
  10. Skullflower, ‘Xaman’ (fade)
    From Xaman, SHOCK RECORDS SX008 LP (1990)
  11. Glenn Branca, ‘The Spectacular Commodity’ (extract)
    From The Ascension, USA 99 RECORDS 99-01 LP (1981)
  12. Sunn O))), ‘O))) Bow 1’
    From Flight of the Behemoth, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 15 CD (2001)
  13. Rudolph Grey, ‘1000 Luminous Flowers’
    From Transfixed, USA NEW ALLIANCE RECORDS NAR 036 LP (ND)
  14. Big Black, ‘Grinder’
    From Headache, UK BLAST FIRST RFFP14T 12″ EP (1987)
  15. Total, ‘Mirbane (again)’
    From Buffin’ The Celestial Muffin, UK RURAL ELECTRIFICATION PROGRAMME REP 001 CD [1996]
  16. Interlude – Donald Miller, extract from Little Treatise on Morals, USA AUDIBLE HISS 002 2 x LP (1995)
  17. Donald Miller / Michael J Schumacher, ‘The Broken Wind’
    From Flood, USA WARPODISC WD04 CD (1998)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM