Instal 04 (TSP radio show 22/10/04)

Theme: ‘Musicians at Instal 04’

  1. Chie Mukai, (Track 1, fade) from L’énergie de l’existence, FRANCE TURTLES’ DREAM TDCD-02 CD (2003)
  2. Ché-SHIZU, ‘Budoen’
    From Nazareth, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-35 (1993)
  3. Z’EV, ‘Titan’s Might’ (fade)
    From Schönste Muziek, GERMANY DOSSIER RECORDS ST 7510 LP (1986)
  4. William Basinski, extract from The Disintegration Loops, USA 2062 CD (2002)
  5. Richard Youngs, ‘Advent Part II’ (fade)
    From Advent, UK NO FANS RECORDS NFR01 LP (1989)
  6. Six Organs of Admittance, ‘Harmonice Mundi II’ [1998]
    From Six Organs of Admittance, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN 121964 CD (2003)
  7. Six Organs of Admittance, ‘On Returning Home’
    From Dark Noontide, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN #1240 LP (2002)
  8. a. Charlemagne Palestine, ‘Strumming Music’ (fade) from Charlemagne at Sonnabend, C@S2001 2 x CD (ND) with:
    b. Charlemagne Palestine, ‘Tymbral for Pran Nath’ (fade) (1970), from In Mid-Air, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-P 19NMN.047 CD (2003)
  9. [Current 93], ‘Two Shaves and a Shine’ (fade)
    From Nurse With Wound, An Awkward Pause, UK UNITED DAIRIES UD 056 CD (1999)
  10. Second Hand, ‘Lucifer and The Egg’ (1972) (fade)
    From Death May Be Your Santa Claus, UK MUSHROOM RECORDS MR 6 LP (ND)
  11. Kan Mikami, ‘The face of the three million yen robber’
    From BACHI – From Oak Village, FRANCE TURTLES’ DREAM TDCD-04 (2004)
  12. Kaoru Abe, ‘Alto Sax Improvisation 1978 4.29 3rd set’ (fade)
    from Solo Live at Gaya Vol 4, JAPAN DIW RECORDS DIW-374 CD (1990)
  13. Steffen Basho-Junghans, ‘3rd Movement’ (fade)
  14. Jandek, ‘I passed by the building’
    From Blue Corpse, USA CORWOOD INDUSTRIES 0753 LP (1987)
  15. Derek Bailey and Han Bennink, ‘Din Din Teo’ (fade)
    From Selections from Live Performances at Verity’s Place, UK INCUS 9 LP (1972)
  16. John Butcher with Chris Burn, ‘Cause and Effect’ (fade)
    From Fonetiks, UK BEAD RECORDS 24 LP (1985)
  17. Vajra, (Track 5) from Live In First Year of Heisei Volume 1, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-5 CD (1990)

Notes: Instal 04 took place at Glasgow, The Arches, 16-17th October 2004. Chie Mukai (1-2) was replaced by Z’EV (3). Current 93 (9) played with the guitarist from Second Hand (10). Kaoru Abe (12) is no longer with us, but he was a contemporary of sax player Masayoshi Urabe, who did play. Derek Bailey (15) was replaced by John Butcher (16). Also appearing were Baby Dee and EXIAS-J.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM