My Cat is an Alien (TSP radio show 10/12/04)

Special guests My Cat Is An Alien (Maurizio and Roberto Opalio) played three live improvisations in the Resonance studio, using toy Casio keyboard, theremin, microphones, feedback, space toys, junk, etc. (With some background droning from EP on the turntables). These improvs soon to be released on their own OPAX RECORDS label. (See

Extracts from following MCIAA records were also played (not in this order), sometimes simultaneously:

  • Landscapes of an electric city, USA ECSTATIC PEACE e#54b 2 x LP (2002)
  • Il Segno, USA STARLIGHT FURNITURE 20 LP (2003)
  • The Rest Is Silence, USA ECLIPSE RECORDS 027 2 x LP (2003)
  • From The Earth To The Spheres split LPs series:

  • Vol 1, Thurston Moore / MCIAA, ITALY OPAX RECORDS OPX 011 (2004)
  • Vol 2, Thuja / MCIAA, ITALY OPAX RECORDS OPX LP2 (2004)
  • Vol 4, Jim O’Rourke / MCIAA, ITAL OPAX RECORDS OPX LP4 (2004)
  • The First Flame of Tomorrow, ITALY OPAX RECORDS OPX 009 CD (2003)
  • Out of the Blue, Into the White, ITALY OPAX REC 007 3 x CD (2002)
  • The Cosmological Eye Trilogy part one, ITALY OPAX RECORDS 008 CD (2002)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM