TSP13 Drifting Mix (TSP radio show 04/02/05)

All selections from CDs reviewed in the new issue of The Sound Projector.
Much layering and cross-fading took place from [7] onwards with very few tracks played in entirety.

  1. Pharaoh Overlord, ‘Mangrove’
    From The Battle of the Axehammer (Live), USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD-058 CD (2004)
  2. Masayo Asahara, ‘Part 3 First Tempo’
    From Saint Agnes Fountain, UK AUDIOLACERATION AL067 CD (ND)
  3. AMM, extract from ‘The Sound of Indifference’ (1972)
    From At The Roundhouse, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS ICES 01 CD (2003)
  4. Michael Wertmüller, ‘Die zeit, eine Gebrauchsanweisung’
    From Die Zeit, eine Gebrauchsanweisung, GERMANY GROB 545 CD (2003)
  5. Samsimar, ‘Indang Pariaman’
    From Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1, USA SUBLIME FREQUENCIES SF001 CD (ND)
  6. David Lee Myers, ‘Prayer Cloth’
    From Arcane Device: Engines of Myth, UK RER MEGACORP RER DLM1 CD (2003)
  7. RLW, ‘#1’
    From Views, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS NOM27 CD (2003)
  8. The Loop Orchestra, ‘Radiophony’
    From Not Overtly Orchestral, GERMANY QUECKSILBER 5 CD (ND)
  9. Sten Hanson, ‘Lettre d’un étranger – À C’
    From Canned Porridge, SWEDEN FIREWORK EDITION RECORDS FER 1048 2 x CD (2004)
  10. Zbigniew Karkowski and Peter Rehberg, ‘Zbigniew version’
    From POP: Work Hard Play Harder, GREECE ABSURD #31 CD (2003)
  11. Unknown, ‘Piso Somalim #1’
    From Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1, op cit.
  12. Asi Föcker, ‘Sitting on a desk’
    From Labor CD, GERMANY CHARIZMA 026/027 2 x CD (2003)
  13. Hillary Jeffery, ‘Freedom Fried’
    From Solo Trombone and Electronics, NETHERLANDS FMR RECORDS FMRCD129-i0803 CD (2003)
  14. If, Bwana, ‘Fire Chorus’
    From Fire Chorus, ITALY ANTS AG09 CD (2004)
  15. Heliogabalus, extract from Tourette is Normal (Excerpt 2), SPAIN W.M.O/R 12 CD (2004)
  16. Noggin, ‘Untitled’
    From (si’ke-del’ik) volume one, USA PSYCHFORM RECORDS PFR01CD CD (2004)
  17. Henrik Rylander, [Track 2]
    From Formation, SWEDEN FIREWORK EDITION RECORDS FER 1047 CD (2003)
  18. Max Eastley / David Toop, ‘Bandaged Moments’
    From Doll Creature, FRANCE BIP-HOP BLEEP 25 CD (2003)
  19. Anthony Guerra / Paul Hood / Joel Stern, [Track 4]
    From Low Resistance Group, JAPAN PARA DISC PACD012 CD (2003)
  20. Petri Kuljuntausta, ‘Canvas’
    From Momentum, FINLAND AUREOBEL / CHARM OF SOUND 3AB-0103 CD (2003)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM