What's Maybe New (TSP radio show 25/02/05)

  1. John Wiese, ‘Track Four’
    From Arrythmia Wave Burst and Panner Crash, USA HELICOPTER H 35 3″ CD (2005)
  2. Nurse With Wound / Jim O’Rourke, (Track 2)
    From Tape Monkey Mooch, USA BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS MT085B CD (2005)
  3. Smega:
    a. ‘Moonleggs’
    b. ‘Rumblings’
    c. ‘Supersimple’
    From Rumblings, USA HANSON HN-122 CD (2005)
  4. Sunn O))), ‘Defeating: Earth’s Gravity’ (fade)
    From The GrimmRobe Demos, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 37 CD (2005)
  5. Edward Ka-Spel, ‘Comedown’
    From Pieces of ∞, USA BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS MT 082A CD (2005)
  6. a. Kwanjai Ubon, ‘Sending My Love to the Border Soldier’
    b. Unknown, ‘Husband Drunk, Wife Drunk’
    c. Unknown, ‘The Sparrow and The Waterfall’
    From Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan, USA SUBLIME FREQUENCIES SF019 CD (2005)
  7. Shift, ‘Have No Fury’, UK HEIDENLARM HEADLAM 01 7″ SINGLE (2004)
  8. Neurosis, ‘A Sun That Never Sets’
    From A Sun That Never Sets, USA RELAPSE RECORDS RR 6496-2 CD (2001)
  9. Sinistri, ‘NY Vamp (Second Set)’
    From Free Pulse, SWEDEN HAPNA H.20 CD (2005)
  10. Keith Fullerton Whitman / Greg Davis, ‘Bottom of the Hill April 4th 2002’
    From Yearlong, USA CARPARK RECORDS CRPK 029 CD (2005)
  11. Girlfriends, ‘3 Bewegingen’
    From Geert, USA BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS CD MT018 (2002)
  12. Beta Erko, ‘You might hear me yet’
    From I’m OK You’re OK, GERMANY QUECKSILBER 9 CD (2005)
  13. Bucketrider, ‘Earlwood’
    From L’Événements, AUSTRALIA DR JIM’S RECORDS DRJIM 35 CD (2004)
  14. Old Man Gloom, ‘Bells Dark Above Our Heads’
    From Seminar II, USA TORTUGA TR-013 CD
  15. Hive Mind, extract from Death Tone, USA HANSON HN-123 CD (2005)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM