Mathcore / Metalcore / Stoner / Gloom… (TSP radio show 11/03/05)

This show compiled and co-presented by Stefan Jaworzyn

  1. Converge, ‘You Fail Me’
    From You Fail Me, USA EPITAPH 86715 CD (2004)
  2. Dillinger Escape Plan, ‘The Running Board’
    From Calculating Infinity, USA RELAPSE RR 6427-2 CD (1999)
  3. Old Man Gloom, ‘The Volcano’
    From Christmas, USA TORTUGA TR023CD (2004)
  4. These Arms Are Snakes, ‘Run it through the dog’
    From This Is Meant To Hurt You, USA JADE TREE JT 1084 CD EP (2003)
  5. Melvins, ‘See how pretty, See how smart’
    From The Maggot, USA IPECAC IPC-002 CD (1999)
  6. Botch, ‘I wanna be a sex symbol on my own terms’
    From We Are The Romans, USA HYDRAHEAD HH666-41 CD (1999)
  7. Dillinger Escape Plan, ‘Phone Home’
    From Miss Machine, USA RELAPSE DEP-MM 6589-2 CD (2004)
  8. Isis, ‘Hym’
    From Oceanic, USA IPECAC IPC-32 CD (2002)
  9. Converge, ‘Jane Doe’
    From Jane Doe, USA EQUAL VISION RECORDS EVR61 CD (2001)
  10. Neurosis, ‘Stones From the Sky’
    From A Sun that Never Sets, USA RELAPSE RR 6496-2 CD (2001)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM