Electro-acoustic, tapework & zany cutups (TSP radio show 03/06/05)

  1. Morceaux de Machines, ‘Onanisme’
    From Estrapade, CANADA NO TYPE IMNT 0413 CD (2004)
  2. P Miles Bryson, ‘A Touch of the Orient’
    From Megalomaniac Decorator’s Quarterly, USA ILLEGAL ART 111 CD (ND)
  3. Aki Onda, ‘One Day’
    From Ancient & Modern (Cassette Memories Vol 1), USA PHONOMENA AUDIO ARTS & MULTIPLES PAAM-020 CD (2003)
  4. When, ‘Heart of Rage’
    From Black White And Grey, UK RER MEGACORP RER WHCD (1991)
  5. Andrew Deutsch, ‘Nice Day, Some Rain’
    From Lung Cleaner, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS NOM 26 CD (2003)
  6. The Broken Penis Orchestra, ‘Easy Listening for Difficult People’
    From Testicle Difficulties, USA PSYCHOCHRIST PRODUCTIONS PSYCHO 09 CD (2004)
  7. John Wall, ‘Belief Not’
    From Alterstill, UK UTTERPSALM CD 2 CD (1995)
  8. Edward Ruchalski, ‘Having It Out Part Two’
    From Having It Out, NORWAY HUMBUG 020 LP (ND)
  9. People Like Us, (Untitled)
    From People Like Us meet The Jet Black Hair People…in concert!, BELGIUM AUDIOVIEW / LOWLANDS RECORDS 005 CD (1999)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM