Organ music (TSP radio show 17/06/05)

  1. Aaron Copland, ‘Preamble (For a Solemn Occasion)’
    Organ played by Hans-Ola Ericsson
    From Organ Music from The USA, SWEDEN BIS BIS-CD-510 CD (1992)
  2. Olivier Messiaen, ‘Apparition de l’Église Eternelle’ (1932)
    Organ played by the composer
    From Messiaen par lui-même. L’Oeuvre d’Orgue (1926-1951), FRANCE PATHE MARCONI / EMI 2 C 153-16291/6 6 x LP (1978)
  3. Ikarus, ‘Eclipse’ (1971) (fade)
    Hammond organ played by Wolf Dieter Struntz
    From Ikarus, GERMANY SECOND BATTLE SBLP 032 LP (1995)
  4. Bengt Hambraeus, ‘Interferences for the Organ’ (1961-1962) (fade)
    Played by Karl Erik Welin
    From Interferences / Constellations II, UNITED KINGDOM PHILIPS (FOUR FRONT) 4FE8001 LP (1965)
  5. Moondog, ‘Logrundr no XIII in F-sharp Major’ + ‘Logrundr No XII in B-flat Minor’
    Played by Fritz Storfinger
    From Moondog. Instrumental Music by Lous Hardin, USA MUSICAL HERITAGE SOCIETY MHS 3903 LP (ND)
  6. Steamboat Switzerland, ‘VI’
    Hammond organ played by Dominik Blum
    From wertmüller, GERMANY GROB 655 CD (2005)
  7. Leif Elggren, ‘Royal Organ’
    From Spire. Organ works past present & future, UK TOUCH TONE 20 2 x CD (2004)
  8. Philip Jeck, ‘Stops’
    From Spire, op cit.
  9. Finnbogi Pétursson, ‘Diabolus’
    From Spire, op cit.
  10. Emerson Lake and Palmer, ‘Eruption’ + ‘Stones of Years’ (fade)
  11. Arne Nordheim, ‘Colorazione’ (1968) (fade)
    Organ played by Kare Kolberg
    From Colorazione / Solitaire / Signals, UNITED KINGDOM PHILIPS 854.005 AY LP (1969)
  12. György Ligeti, ‘Etude Nr 1, Harmonies’
    Played by Gerd Zacher
    From 2nd String Quartet et al, GERMANY DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 2530 392 LP (1973)
  13. Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity Arkestra, ‘Friendly Love I’ (1973)
    Organ played by Sun Ra
    From Pathways to Unknown Worlds / Friendly Love, USA EVIDENCE ECD 22218 CD (2000)
  14. Oliver Messiaen, ‘Le Banquet Céleste’ (1926)
    From L’Oeuvre d’Orgue, op cit.

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originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM