Field Recordings II (TSP radio show 01/07/05)

  1. Michael Prime, ‘Surface Tension’
    From Elements 1, UK MYCOPHILE SPOR 06 CD (2001)
  2. Stephan Mathieu / Ekkehard Ehlers, ‘New Years Eve’
  3. Joshua Abram, ‘After Fire’
    From busride interview, SPAIN LUCKY KITCHEN 015 CD (2001)
  4. Geoff Dugan, extracts from Play in random or shuffle mode, USA GD STEREO 017 CD (ND)
  5. The Experience, extracts from One amazing day, UK V/VM TEST RECORDS NO NUMBER CD (2000)
  6. Yoshio Machida, ‘Malaria’
    From hypernatural #2, GERMANY SOFTL MUSIC som 101 CD [2001]
  7. Graham Lambkin (with Scott Foust), ‘SF GL Miami Hotel’
    Private recording, ND
  8. Annea Lockwood and Phil Wachsmann: simultaneous playback of:
    A Sound Map of the Hudson River, USA LOVELY MUSIC LCD 2081 CD (1989) with
    Writing In Water, UK BEAD RECORDS BEAD 23 LP (1985)
  9. Hazard and Lol Coxhill: simultaneous playback of:
    Wind, UK ASH INTERNATIONAL ASH 6.5 CD (2001) with
    Solo, UK SHOCK RECORDS SHOCK 33 LP (1990)
  10. Mark Gergis, extracts from I Remember SYRIA, USA SUBLIME FREQUENCIES SF009 2 x CD (2004)
  11. John Hudak, ‘Cloister 4, May 2001’
  12. Toshikuyi Kobayashi, ‘turquoise green_prussian blue_olive’
    From drawing speed coloring time, SPAIN LUCKY KITCHEN LK018 CD (2002)
  13. Chris Watson, ‘Adult cheetah’, ‘Southern right whale’, ‘Red rumped tinkerbird’ + ‘Massed knot roost’
    From Outside the Circle of Fire, UK TOUCH TO:37 CD (1998)
  14. seth nehil and jgrzinich, ‘The Mirrored Corner’
    From Stria, BELGIUM EREWHON CDWhON008 (2002)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM