What’s Possible New (TSP radio show 22/07/05)

  1. Philip Jeck and Janek Schaefer, ‘Taxim’
    From Songs for Europe (Piosenki dla Europy), USA ASPHODEL ASP 2026 CD (2004)
  2. Disinformation, ‘Kwaidan Part 3’
    From Sense Data & Perception, UK IRIS LIGHT i-LIGHT 031CD EP (2005)
  3. Plethora, ‘A World Without String is Chaos’
    From Krushed & Squashed, UK HYPNAGOGIA ago03 3″ CD (2005)
  4. Keith Fullerton Whitman / Greg Davis, ‘Knitting Factory – New York USA – June 22nd 2002’
    From Yearlong, USA CARPARK RECORDS CRPK029 CD (2005)
  5. Andrea Ermke, extract from Pike, GERMANY ZAREK 09 CD (2004)
  6. Lee Ranaldo, ‘Spider’ + ‘Noisy Plateau’ + ‘The End of It’ + ‘Apocalypse’
    From Music for Stage and Screen, FRANCE LES DISQUES DU SOLEIL ET DE L’ACIER DSA54085 CD (2004)
  7. Chuck Bettis, ‘Night On Fire’ + ‘P.I.E. / L.I.T.L.’ + ‘Light in Extension’
    From Sonic Sigils, USA SCARCELIGHT RECORDINGS SLR22 3″ CD (2004)
  8. C-Schulz, ‘Flicker’
    From 5.Flicker Tunes, GERMANY SONIG 42CD CD (2004)
  9. Martin Archer, ‘Ringtone 3’
    From Heritage and Ringtones, UK DISCUS 18CD CD (2004)
  10. Andrey Kiritchenko, ‘Both My Sides’
    From True Delusion, UKRAINE NEXSOUND ns30 / JAPAN SPEKK KK006 CD (2005)
  11. TimOlive / NisikawaBuhnsho, ‘ikA / Bunt Is My Profession’
    From TimOlive / NisikawaBuhnsho, JAPAN GULE DISK Gule001 CD (2004)
  12. Leos Ator and Zol, ‘4 Pistes 3’
    From 4 Pistes, FRANCE EDITION BOURBAKI- / L’OVNI TENDRE bkov01 CD (2004)
  13. Vitor Joaquim, ‘Track 8 (untitled)’
    From A Rose is a Rose, AUSTRIA dOc recordings 007 CD (2004)
  14. Aum Sahib, (untitled)
    From free CDR (Sahib Bonus 6) available on request from Aum Sahib
  15. Jason Ajemian, ‘For Sake of Arms’
    From Who Cares How Long You Sink, SPAIN LUCKY KITCHEN lk025 CD (ND)


The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM