UK 1970s bands resembling The Grateful Dead (TSP radio show (05/08/05)

  1. Mighty Baby, ‘I’ve Been Down So Long’
    From Mighty Baby, UK BIG BEAT CDWIKD 120 CD (1994)
    Original issue HEAD HDLS 6002 (1969)
  2. Help Yourself, ‘Strange Affair’
    From Help Yourself compilation, UK BGO RECORDS BGOCD452 (1999)
    Original issue on Strange Affair LP (1972)
  3. Man, ‘Back into the Future’
    From Back into the Future, USA UNITED ARTISTS RECORDS UA-LA179-H2 2 x LP (1973)
  4. Mighty Baby, ‘Keep on Juggin’ (1971)
    From A Jug of Love…Plus, UK FLASH 58 CD (ND)
  5. Man, ‘Bananas’
    From Be Good to Yourself at least Once a Day, UK UNITED ARTISTS UAG 29417 LP (1972)
  6. Help Yourself, ‘Blown Away’
    From Help Yourself compilation, op cit
    Original issue on The Return of Ken Whaley LP (1973)
  7. Mighty Baby, extract from Live In The Attic, UK ROLLED GOLD PRODUCTIONS 2 CD (2000)
  8. Man, ‘Jam Up Jelly Tight’
    From Back into the Future, op cit.
  9. Help Yourself, ‘Look At The View’ (1971)
    From Help Yourself, UK BGO RECORDS BGO LP52 (ND)
  10. Mighty Baby, ‘A Blanket in my Museli’ (1971)
    From A Jug of Love…Plus, op cit.
  11. Mighty Baby, ‘Same Way from the Sun’
    From Mighty Baby, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM