Dead Letter Office (TSP radio show 02/09/05)

Obscure independent classics that should have changed the world

Compiled and co-presented by Lawrence Burton

  1. Pre-War Busconductors, ‘P.W.B. Photograph’
    From P.W.B. Photograph / White Radiator, UK BUSCONDUCTOR RECORDS PWB3 C15 cassette (1982)
  2. Mandible Rumpus, ‘Laugh’
    From A Sudden Surge of Power, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC009 cassette (1982)
  3. The Apostles, ‘Thalidomide’
    From 2nd Dark Age Demo, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CCFC005 cassette (1982)
  4. Third Door From The Left, ‘It’s Not Us’
    From Face The Firing Squad, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC017 cassette (1982)
  5. Mex, ‘Simplicity’
    From Moraals, UK DO EASY 2 x C90 cassette (1985)
  6. Nervous Legion, ‘Terrorist’
    From Paranoia is Awareness, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC001 cassette (1982)
  7. G. M. Wallis, ‘Veer’
    From G.M. Wallis, UK FLOWMOTION RECORDS C60 cassette (1980)
  8. Exhibit A, ‘Rain’
    From The Thing From The Crypt, UK THE THING FROM THE CRYPT RECORDS TTFTC001 LP (1981)
  9. Soft Drinks, ‘Pepsi Cola’
    From The Thing From The Crypt, op cit.
  10. Thomas Frenzi, ‘Song of the Snake’
    From From the Mind Of Frenzi, unreleased 2 x C60 cassette (1986)
  11. We Be Echo, ‘The Witches Burn’
    From Various Obscure Recordings, unreleased C60 cassette (1985)
  12. Thee Unkommuniti, ‘Winterkill’
    From Moraals, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

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