Latin-American psych / prog (TSP radio show 30/09/05)

  1. Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes, ‘Misere Nobis’
    From Tropicália: Du Panis et Circencis, PHILIPS 6436.303 LP (Bootleg)
    Originally issued in 1968
  2. Caetano Veloso, ‘Coracao Materno’
    From Tropicália, op cit.
  3. Os Mutantes:
    (a) ‘Nao va se Perder Po Ai’
    (b) ‘Dia 36’
    From Mutantes, USA OMPLATTEN FJORD 002 CD (1999)
    Originally issued in 1968
  4. Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, ‘Batmacumba’
    From Tropicália, op cit.
  5. Os Mutantes, ‘Rita Lee’
    From Mutantes, op cit.
  6. Los Mac’s:
    (a) ‘F.M. y CIA’
    (b) ‘Degrees’
    From Kaleidoscope Men, UK MEZCAL RECORDS MEZCAL LP 3 LP (1991)
    Originally issued in 1967
  7. Ladies W.C.:
    (a) ‘People’
    (b) ‘And Everywhere I see the Shadow of that life’
    From Ladies WC, UK ESSEX 1009CD CD (ND)
    Originally issued in 1969
  8. Los Mac’s, ‘La Muerte de mi Hermano’
    From Kaleidoscope Men, op cit.
  9. Ladies W.C., ‘To Walk on Water’
    From Ladies WC, op cit.
  10. Los Speakers:
    (a) ‘Si La Guerra es buen negocio, invierte a tus hijos’
    (b) ‘Reflejos de la Olla’
    (c) ‘Historia de un Loto que Florencio en Otono’
    From Kris Kringle, Todos Los Derechos Reservados, UK ANGLE RECORDS ANGLE 45 LP (1993)
    Originally issued in 1968
    (See TSP #2 for more on this story)
  11. Aguaturbia:
    (a) ‘Wonder Who’
    (b) ‘Heart Breaker’
    From Volumen 2, UK ESSEX SERIE DELUJO 1002 LP LP (1993)
    Originally issued in 1970
  12. Laghonia, ‘Speed Fever’
    From Etcetera, UK ESSEX SERIE DELUJO 1004 LP LP (1993)
    Originally issued in 1971
  13. Kissing Spell, ‘Los Pajaros’
    From Los Pajaros, UK ESSEX SERIE DELUJO 1001 LP (1993)
    Originally issued in 1970
  14. Laghonia, ‘Everybody on Monday’
    From Etcetera, op cit
  15. El Tarro de Mostaza, extract from ‘Final – Avances’
    From El Tarro de Mostaza, LA ONDA RECORDS BOOTLEG LP (ND)
    Originally issued in 1970

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM