Japan II (TSP radio show 18/11/05)

  1. Hisato Higuchi, ‘Cluster of Lights’
    From Tokyo Flashback 5: PSF Psychedelic Sampler, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-159 CD (2005)
  2. Seishokki [Organs of Blue Eclipse], Track 1
    From 1975-1977, USA SIWA RECORDS SA 5001 LP (2005)
  3. Tori Kudo, ‘The Lamentations (Deidated to Nobuo Ayukawa)’
    From La Consumption 4, Atlantic City, USA SIWA RECORDS SA 5002 LP (2005)
  4. Seishokki, Track 3
    From 1975-1977, op cit.
  5. Miminokoto, ‘Guitar’ (2004)
    From Miminokoto 3, USA SIWA RECORDS SR4001 LP (ND)
  6. LSD March, ‘When I die, Hell Awaits’
    From Kanashimino Bishounen, HP CYCLE HP275 (2004)
  7. OOIOO, ‘Grow Sound Tree’
    From Gold & Green, USA THRILL JOCKEY THRILL 160 CD (2005)
  8. Genbakukaidan, ‘Silver Machine’ (1986)
    From Acidsoul, JAPAN ALCHEMY RECORD ARLP-014 (ND)
  9. Children Coup D’Etat, ‘Saigo no Hoknoh’
    From Land of the Rising Noise, USA CHARNEL HOUSE PRODUCTIONS CHCD-9 CD (1993)
  10. Magical Power Mako, ‘American Village 1973’
    From Magical Power, JAPAN POLYDOR POCH-1486 CD (1995)
  11. Cinorama:
    a) ‘The Night and the Owl’
    b) ‘After the Night Dream’
    From Three Lies and a Ding-a-Ling at Five o’clock, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-39 CD (1994)
  12. Haco, ‘Standard Smile’
    From Ash in the Rainbow, USA DETECTOR MP-26 / UK ReR MEGACORP ReR HACO3 CD (2002)
  13. Haco, ‘Feather Time’
    From Happiness Proof, USA DETECTOR MP-22 / UK ReR MEGACORP ReR HACO02 CD (2000)
  14. Ikuro Takahashi and Chie Mukai
    Simultaneous playback from Anoyonodekigoto, USA SIWA#10 LP (ND) and
    Kokyu Improvisation, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-10 CD (1990)
  15. Keiji Haino, Track 2 (fade)
    From Uchu Ni Karamitsuiteiru Waga Itami, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-8020 CD (2005)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM