Murder and Death (TSP radio show 17/03/06)

English Murder Ballads, and other songs about Death

  1. Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch, ‘Death Valley 69’
    From Death Valley 69, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 2 / USA HOMESTEAD RECORDS / HMS 021 MINI LP (1985)
  2. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, ‘Pachucho Cadaver’
    From Trout Mask Replica, UK STRAIGHT STS 1053 2 x LP (1969)
  3. The Leaves, ‘Hey Joe’ (1966)
    From Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, USA SIRE RECORDS SASH 3716-2 2 x LP (1976)
  4. The Byrds, ‘I Come and Stand at Every Door’ (1966)
    From Fifth Dimension (20 Bit digital remaster), USA COLUMBIA LEGACY 483707 2 CD (1996)
  5. Alasdair Roberts, ‘The Cruel Mother’
    From No Earthly Man, USA DRAG CITY DC183 LP (ND)
  6. Shirley and Dolly Collins, ‘Death and the Lady’ (1970)
    From Love, Death and The Lady, UK FLEDG’LING RECORDS FLED 3039 CD (2003)
  7. Steeleye Span, ‘Long Lankin’
    From Commoners Crown, UK CHRYSALIS RECORDS CHR 1071 LP (1975)
  8. Dick Gaughan, ‘The bonnie banks o’ Fordie’
    From No More Forever, UK TOPIC RECORDS / TRAILER LER 2072 LP (1972)
  9. Bob Davenport and Jack Armstrong, ‘The Border Widow’s Lament’
    From Northumbrian Minstrelsy, UK CONCERT HALL SVSC 2339 LP (1970 reissue)
  10. Isla Cameron, ‘Lord Randall’
    From The Jupiter Book of Ballads, UK JUPITER RECORDINGS LTD JUR 00A3 LP (1959)
  11. Nelstone’s Hawaiians, ‘Fatal Flower Garden’ (1930)
    From Anthology of American Folk Music. Edited by Harry Smith, USA SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS RECORDINGS SW CD 40090 6 x CD BOX SET (1997)
  12. G B Grayson, ‘Ommie Wise’ (1927)
    From Anthology of American Folk Music, op cit.
  13. Frank Hutchison, ‘Stackalee’ (1927)
    From Anthology of American Folk Music, op cit.
  14. Mississippi John Hurt, ‘Stackolee’
    From Avalon Blues. 1963 Library of Congress Recordings Volume 2, UK HERITAGE HT301 LP (1982)
  15. Coon Creek Girls, ‘Pretty Polly’ [1937]
    From Old-Time Southern Dance Music. Ballads and Songs, USA OLD TIMEY RECORDS OLD TIMEY LP-102 LP (ND)
  16. Jim Jackson, ‘I’m Gonna Start me a Graveyard of my own’ (1928)
    From Kansas City Blues, HOLLAND AGRAM BLUES AB 2004 LP (ND)
  17. Wade Mainer, ‘Old Ruben’
    From Old-Time Southern Dance Music, op cit.
  18. Palace Brothers, ‘A Sucker’s Evening’
    From Arise Therefore, UK DOMINO WIGCD24 CD (1996)
  19. Gerald Hawk, (Track #8)
    From King of the River Canoe, USA ABDUCTION RECORDS ABDT 017 CD (2001)
  20. The Swans, ‘Killing for Company’
    From The Great Annihilator, UK YOUNG GOD RECORDS YGCD 009 381.0571.2 CD (1994)

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originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM