African Feedback / Alessandro Bosetti (TSP radio show 07/04/06)

  1. Alessandro Bosetti, African Feedback
    UK premiere of this radiophonic work composed in 2005
  2. Simultaneous playback of:
    a) Alessandro Bosetti, Track 3 from Zona, GERMANY GROB 652 CD (2004)
    b) Alessandro Bosetti, ‘Solo’ from Berlin Reeds, GERMANY ABSINTH RECORDS 001 (2003)
    c) Selections from Music of Africa series No 11, UK LONDON LD 9222 [1953]
  3. Simultaneous playback of:
    a) Stéphane Rives, ‘Granulations #2’ and ‘ébranlement #2’ from Fibres, FRANCE POTLATCH P303 CD (2003)
    b) Track 1 from Zona, op cit.
  4. Alessandro Bosetti and Antje Vowinckel, ‘Sardinia and Japan are Islands’
    From Charlemagne, la vue attachée sur son lac de Constance, amoreux de l’abîme caché, ITALY BOWINDO 03 CD (ND)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM