Noise, Drones, Rock (TSP radio show 07/07/06)

  1. Mammatus, ‘The Righteous Path Through the Forest of Old’
    From Mammatus, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN 17974 CD (2006)
  2. Suisho no Fune, ‘Vale of Spirits’
    From Where The Spirits Are, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN 261283 CD (2006)
  3. Oranzada, ‘Koszula Wspomnien’
    From drzewa w sadzie zdzikty, POLAND MICRO FON RECORDS MFR 001 CD (2006)
  4. Paul Flaherty / Chris Corsano, ‘What do you mean this is a dry county?’
    From The Beloved Music, USA FAMILY VINEYARD FV39 CD (2005)
  5. Davenport, ‘Free Country’
    From Free Country, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG RECORDS 078 CD (2006)
  6. George Zelenz, ‘Thermohaline’
    From DIY Canons, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS 21036-2 2 x CD (2005)
  7. Lambs Gamble, ‘Inchoate Quest’
    From Memory Collapse, USA EVOLVING EAR #EE16 CD (2006)
  8. Es, ‘Sateenkaarisciuurdelma I’ and ‘Sateenkaarisciuurdelma II’
    From Sateenkaarisciuurdelma, BELGIUM (K-RAA-K)3 KED02 2 x LP (2005)
  9. Pink Luminous Invocation, extract from Pink Luminous Invocation, DENMARK FOXGLOVE CBC15 CDR (2006)
    With John Wiese, extracts from Magical Crystal Blah Volume 3, USA HELICOPTER H 37 / KITTY PLAY RECORDS KPR 16 CD (2005)
  10. Ben Reynolds, ‘Telecopter Ordinary Century’
    From Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere, USA DIGITALIS DIGI028 CD (2006)
  11. Oranzada, ‘Brzytwa Switu’
    From drzewa w sadzie zdzikty, op cit.
  12. Testicle Hazard, extract from Beauty of Nature, FINLAND FREAK ANIMAL RECORDS FREAK-CD-035 CD (2006)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM