Anla Courtis and his throat (TSP radio show 21/07/06)

  1. Anla Courtis, piece for electric guitar, effects and processed field recordings
    Performed live in Resonance Studios 18/07/2006
  2. Interview / chat part I
  3. Anla Courtis, piece for home-made violin
  4. Interview / chat part II
  5. Anla Courtis / Kouhei Matsunaga, ‘Telepathic Collaboration’
    From Courtis_Matsunaga, PRELE prl001 CD (2005)
  6. Interview / chat part III
  7. Billy Bao, ‘Evapogoration’
    From R’n’R Granulator, W.M.O/R 23 CD [2005]
  8. Interview / chat part IV
  9. Strountes, ‘I Turn in the Room Sleepless’
    From Strountes, SLOTTET SLM2 CD (2006)
  10. Interview / chat part V
  11. Anla Courtis, piece for electric guitar and throat-singing
  12. Anla Courtis, extract from …y el resplandor de la luz no conoce limites, FINLAND 27 LATTAJJAA LTJ-25 3″ CD (2004)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM