ESP-Disk’ sampler (TSP radio show 18/08/06)

  1. Sonny Simmons, ‘A Distant Voice’ (1966)
    From Staying on the Watch, GERMANY ZYX MUSIC / ESP DISK ESP 1030-2 CD
  2. Charles Tyler, ‘Man Alone’
    From Eastern Man Alone, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 1059 LP (1967)
  3. Noah Howard, ‘This Place Called Earth’ (extract)
    From At Judson Hall, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 1064 LP (1968)
  4. Alan Sondheim and Ritual All 7-70, (Track 1) (1967)
    From The Songs, USA FIRE MUSEUM RECORDS FM 04 CD (2005)
  5. Bob James Trio with Robert Ashley, ‘Untitled Mixes’ (1965)
    From Explosions, GERMANY ZYX MUSIC / ESP DISK ESP 1009-2 CD
  6. Patty Waters, ‘Black is the Colour’ (extract) (1966)
    From Patty Waters Sings, ITALY BASE RECORD ESP 1025 LP
  7. The Sea Ensemble, ‘Wave Hands like Clouds’
    From We Move Together, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP-3018 LP (1974)
  8. The Nedly Elstak Trio + Voice, ‘The Machine’
    From The Machine, UK FONTANA STL5538 LP (1969)
  9. Plastic Clock Radio, ‘Luci’s Wedding’
    Steve Weber, ‘If I had half a mind’
    The Velvet Underground, ‘Noise’
    Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar, ‘Gossip’ (1966)
    From The East Village Other (EVO), GERMANY ZYX MUSIC / ESP DISK ESP 1034-2 CD
  10. The Godz, ‘White Cat Heat’ (1966)
    From Contact High with The Godz, ITALY BASE RECORDS ESP 1037 LP
  11. Holy Modal Rounders, ‘Indian War Whoop’ (1967)
    From Indian War Whoop, ITALY BASE RECORDS ESP 1068 LP
  12. Pearls Before Swine, ‘Playmate’ (1967)
    From One Nation Underground, ITALY BASE RECORDS ESP 1054 LP
  13. Erica Pomerance, ‘You Used to Think’ (1968)
    From You Used To Think, GERMANY ZYX MUSIC / ESP DISK ESP 1099-2 CD
  14. Ronnie Boykins, ‘Starlight at the Wonder Inn’ (fade) (1975)
    From Ronnie Boykins, ITALY GET BACK GET 1084 LP (2002)
  15. Alan Silva, ‘Skillfullness’ (extract) (1970)
    From Skillfullness, ITALY GET BACK GET 1027 LP (2001)
  16. Byron Allen Trio, ‘Three Steps in the Right Direction’ (1964)
    From The Byron Allen Trio, HOLLAND CALIBRE / ESP-DISK’ ESP CD 1005 CD (1999)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM