Space Soon (TSP radio show 08/09/06)

Special 2-hour show on a pre-determined Resonance 104.4 FM theme

  1. The B-52’s, ‘Planet Claire’
    From The B-52’s, UK ISLAND RECORDS ILPS 9580 LP (1979)
  2. Comets On Fire, ‘Ghost of the Cosmos’
    From Comets On Fire, USA ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES VIRUS 301 CD (2003)
  3. Spacemen 3, ‘Suicide’
    From Losing Touch With Your Mind, BOOTLEG LP [MR011] (1991)
  4. Mars, ‘Tunnel’
    From LP, USA IMPORTANT RECORDS imprec047 LP (2005)
  5. Merzbow, ‘Space Metalizer Pt 1’ (fade)
    From Space Metalizer, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIENCD4 CD (1997)
  6. Hawkwind, ‘Space is Deep’ (1972)
    From Doremi Fasol Latido, UK UNITED ARTISTS / LIBERTY (EMI RECORDS LTD) UAG 29364 LP
  7. Stevie Wonder, ‘Saturn’
    From Songs in the Key of Life, UK TAMLA MOTOWN / EMI RECORDS LTD TMSP 6002 2 x LP (1976)
  8. John Coltrane (with Rashied Ali), ‘Saturn’ (1967)
    From Interstellar Space, USA IMPULSE! (MCA RECORDS INC) GRD-110 CD (1991)
  9. Mouse On Mars, ‘Chromantic’
    From Instrumentals, GERMANY SONIG 01 LP (1997)
  10. Iancu Dumitrescu, ‘Galaxy’
    From Iancu Dumitrescu, FRANCE EDITION MODERN ED.MN.1005 CD (1993)
  11. George Russell, ‘Waltz From Outer Space’ (1960)
    From New York NY / Jazz in The Space Age, USA MCA RECORDS INC MCA2-4017 2 x LP (1973)
  12. Trevor Wishart, extract from ‘Journey’
    From Journey Into Space, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 18 CD (2002)
  13. Ornette Coleman, ‘Space Flight’
    From The Music of Ornette Coleman, UK RCA VICTOR SF 7844 LP (1968)
  14. Joe Meek and The Blue Men, ‘Orbit Around the Moon’ + ‘Love Dance of the Saroos’ (1960)
    From I Hear a New World. An outer space fantasy, UK RPM RECORDS 103 CD (1991)
  15. Scientist, ‘Supernova Explosion’
    From Scientist Meets the Space Invaders, UK GREENSLEEVES RECORDS GREL 19 LP (1981)
  16. lightyears away, ‘Windows of Limited Time / The Astral Navigator’ + ‘Yesterday’ (1970)
    From Astral Navigations, UK BACKGROUND HBG 122/1 CD (1992)
  17. Robert Ashley, ‘Flying Saucer Dialogue’
    From Music From Mills, USA MILLS COLLEGE MC 001 3 x LP (1986)
  18. Attilio Mineo, ‘Around the World’ (1951)
    From Man in Space with Sounds, USA SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS / JACK DIAMOND MUSIC SUBCD-4 CD (1998)
  19. Peter Thomas Sound-Orchester, ‘Bolero on the Moon Rocks’ (1966)
    From Raumpatrouille / Space Patrol, GERMANY BUNGALOW BUNG 009 CD (1996)
  20. The B-52’s, ‘There’s a Moon in the Sky (called The Moon)’
    From The B-52’s, op cit.
  21. Kawabata Makoto, ‘Love on the Galactic Railroad’
    From Your Voice From The Moon, POLAND VIVO RECORDS vivo2005018CD (2005)
    Simultaneous playback with:
    Spaceman, ‘Insalubrity’
    From Space Is No Place Volume 2, USA PSYCH-O-PATH RECORDS cdpsp-7 CD (2004)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM