Folk-Rock (TSP radio show 03/11/06)

The Faded Flower of England: Folk and Folk Rock of Albion

  1. Comus, ‘The Herald’
    From Gather in the Mushrooms, UK SANCTUARY RECORDS GROUP CMQCD840 CD (2004)
  2. Albion Country Band, ‘Albion Sunrise’
    From Electric Muse. The Story of Folk Into Rock, UK ISLAND RECORDS / TRANSATLANTIC FOLK 1001 4 x LP (1975)
  3. Albion Morris, ‘Upton Stick Dance’
    From Electric Muse, op cit.
  4. The Pentangle, ‘Bells’
    From The Pentangle, UK TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS TRA 162 LP (1968)
  5. Trees, ‘Glasgerion’ (1970)
    From Garden of Jane Delawney, UK DECAL LIK 15 LP (1987)
  6. Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band, ‘Hal-An-Tow’
    From No Roses, USA ANTILLES AN-7017 LP (1973)
  7. Steeleye Span, ‘Boys of Bedlam’
    From Please to See the King, USA BIG TREE RECORDS BTS 2004 LP (ND)
  8. Albion Country Band, ‘The New Saint George / La Rotta’
    From Electric Muse, op cit.
  9. Ashley Hutchings (with Shirley Collins), ‘Staines Morris’ (1972)
    From Morris On, UK ISLAND IRSP 6 LP (ND)
  10. Fairport Convention, ‘Nottamun Town’ (1969)
    From What We Did on our Holidays, UK ISLAND REMASTERS IMCD 294 CD (2003)
  11. Pentangle, ‘Cruel Sister’
    From Cruel Sister, UK TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS TRA 228 LP (1970)
  12. Martin Carthy, ‘Farewell Nancy’ (1966) [Failed to complete!]
    From Second Album, UK TOPIC RECORDS TSCD341 (1993)
  13. Barry Dransfield, ‘Be My Friend’ (1972)
    From Barry Dransfield, UK SPINNEY 003CD (2002)
  14. The Fisher Family, ‘Joy of my Heart’ (1965)
    From The Acoustic Folk Box, UK TOPIC RECORDS TSFCD4001 4 x CD (2002)
  15. Etchingham Steam Band, ‘Hard Times of Old England’ (1975)
    From The Acoustic Folk Box, op cit.
  16. The Three City Four, ‘Across the Hills’ (1965)
    From The Acoustic Folk Box, op cit.
  17. Lal and Mike Waterson, ‘Bright Phoebus’ (1972)
    From The Acoustic Folk Box, op cit.
  18. Nic Jones, ‘Singer’s Request’ + ‘Some Say the Devil’s Dead’
    From From The Devil to a Stranger, UK TRAILER LTRA 507 LP (1978)
  19. Lal and Norma Waterson, ‘Bonny Light Horseman’
    From A True Hearted Girl, UK TOPIC 12TS331 LP (1977)
  20. The Young Tradition, ‘Daddy Fox’ (1967)
    From So Cheerfully Round, UK CASTLE COMMUNICATIONS ESM CD 409 (1996)
  21. Shelagh MacDonald, ‘Liz’s Song’
    From Gather in the Mushrooms, op cit.
  22. Lindisfarne, ‘Turn a Deaf Ear’
    From Electric Muse, op cit.
  23. The Bothy Band, ‘The Kesh Jig / Give us a Drink of Water / The Flower of the Flock / Famous Ballymore’
    From The Acoustic Folk Box, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM