Progressive Rock II (TSP radio show 19/01/07)

  1. Quatermass, ‘Up on the Ground’
    From Quatermass, ITALY AKARMA AK 175/2 2 x LP (1996)
    Original issue UK EMI HARVEST SHVL 775 (1970)
  2. Bram Stoker, ‘Ants’
    From Heavy Rock Spectacular, original issue UK WINDMILL RECORDS LP (1972)
  3. Flied Egg, ‘Rolling Down the Broadway’
    From Dr Siegel’s Fried Egg Shooting Machine, original issue JAPAN VERTIGO LP (1972)
  4. High Tide, ‘Futilist’s Lament’ (1969)
    From Sea Shanties, UK PSYCHO RECORDS PSYCHO 26 LP (ND)
  5. The Nice, ‘Intermezzo from The Karelia Suite’
    From Ars Longa Vita Brevis, UK CASTLE COMMUNICATIONS ESM CD 646 (1998)
    Original issue UK IMMEDIATE IC 062-90006 (1968)
  6. Indian Summer, ‘Glimpse’
    From Indian Summer, original issue UK RCA NEON NE3 LP (1971)
  7. Tonton Macoute, ‘Flying South in Winter’
    From Tonton Macoute, original issue UK RCA NEON NE4 LP (1971)
  8. Jade Warrior, ‘A Prenormal Day in Brighton’
    From Jade Warrior, original issue UK VERTIGO VEL-1005 (1971)
  9. Spring, ‘The Prisoner (Eight by Ten)’
    From Spring, original issue UK RCA NEON NE6 LP (1971)
  10. Fantasy, ‘Circus’ (1973)
    From Paint a Picture, GERMANY SECOND BATTLE 843 263-1 LP
  11. Gryphon, ‘Second Spasm’
    From Red Queen to Gryphon Three, UK TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS TRA 287 LP (1974)
  12. Rare Bird, ‘What you want to know’
    From As Your Mind Flies By, original issue UK CHARISMA CAS 1011 (1970)
  13. Hatfield and The North, ‘Shaving is Boring’ (1973) (fade)
    From Hatfield and The North, JAPAN VIRGIN RECORDS VJD-5020 CD (1989)
  14. Arcadium, ‘Walk on the Bad Side’
    From Breathe Awhile, ITALY AKARMA RECORDS AK 239 CD (2003)
    Original issue UK MIDDLE EARTH MDLS 302 (1969)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM