American Guitar Bands of the 1980s (TSP radio show 16/02/07)

  1. Firehose, ‘Time With You’
    From fROMOHIO, USA SST RECORDS SST 235 LP (1989)
  2. Hüsker Dü, ‘No Reservations’
    From Warehouse: Songs and Stories, WARNERS 925 544-1 2 x LP (1987)
  3. Meat Puppets, ‘Blue-Green God’
    From Meat Puppets, USA SST RECORDS SST 009 EP (1982)
  4. Black Flag, ‘Room 13’
    From Everything Went Black, USA SST RECORDS SST 15 LP (1982)
  5. Minutemen:
    a) ‘Anxious Mo-Fo’
    b) ‘Theatre in the Life of You’
    c) ‘Viet Nam’
    d) ‘Cohesion’
    e) ‘It’s Expected I’m Gone’
    From Double Nicklels on the Dime, USA SST RECORDS SST-028 s x LP (1984)
  6. Dinosaur JR, ‘Freak Scene’
    From Bug, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 31 (1988)
  7. Killdozer, ‘Going to the Beach’
    From Snakeboy, USA TOUCH AND GO T&GLP#6 (1985)
  8. Shockabilly, ‘Psychotic Reaction’
    From The Dawn of Shockabilly, UK ROUGH TRADE RT 120T (1982)
  9. Minuteflag, ‘Fetch The Water’
    From Minuteflag EP, USA SST RECORDS SST 050 12″ (1985)
  10. Flipper, ‘In Life My Friends’
    From Gone Fishin’, USA SUBTERRANEAN RECORDS SUB 42 LP (1982)
  11. Hüsker Dü, ‘Ice Cold Ice’
    From Warehouse, op cit.
  12. Butthole Surfers, ‘American Woman’
    From Rembrandt Pussyhorse, RED RHINO EUROPE RRE LP 2 [1986]
  13. The Meatmen:
    a) ‘One Down Three to go’
    b) ‘I Sin for a Living’
    From We’re the Meatmen and You Suck, GERMANY AGGRESSIVE ROCKPRODUKTIONEN AG 0022 LP [1983]
  14. Firehose:
    a) ‘Under The Influence of Meat Puppets’
    b) ‘It Matters’
    From Ragin’, Full-On, USA SST RECORDS SST 079 LP (1986)
  15. Mission of Burma, ‘Peking Spring’ (1983)
    From The Horrible Truth about Burma, USA RYKO RCD 10341 CD (1997)
  16. Big Stick, ‘Jesus was born on an Indian Reservation’
    From 45 12″, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 6 12″ (1989)
  17. Minutemen, ‘Joy Jam’
    From The Politics of Time, USA NEW ALLIANCE RECORDS NAR-017 LP (1984)
  18. Meat Puppets, ‘I am a Machine’ (1987)
    From No Strings Attached, USA SST RECORDS SST 265 2 x LP (1990)
  19. Black Flag, ‘No Values’
    From Everything Went Black, op cit.
  20. Flipper, ‘Talk is Cheap’
    From Gone Fishin’, op cit.
  21. Hüsker Dü, ‘Friend You’ve Got to Fall’
    From Warehouse, op cit.
  22. Dinosaur JR, ‘Pond Song’
    From Bug, op cit.
  23. Shockabilly, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
    From The Dawn of Shockabilly, op cit.
  24. Minutemen:
    a) ‘Corona’
    b) ‘The Glory of Man’
    c) ‘Take 5, D.’
    d) ‘My Heart and the Real World’
    e) ‘History Lesson – Part II’
    From Double Nickels on the Dime, op cit.

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