UK Post-Punk 1978-1981 (TSP radio show 02/03/07)

  1. The Delta 5, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ (1980)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, UK MUTE RECORDS CDSTUMM224 2 x CD (2003)
  2. Gang of Four, ‘Anthrax’ (1980)
    From Entertainment!, UK EMI 7243 8 32146 2 4 CD (1995)
  3. Swell Maps, ‘Dresden Style’
    From UK ROUGH TRADE RT012 7″ SINGLE (1978)
  4. LiLiPUT, ‘Ain’t You’ (1978)
    From LiLiPUT, USA KILL ROCK STARS KRS 373 2 x CD (2001)
  5. Fire Engines, ‘Hungry Beat’
    From Lubricate Your Living Room, UK POP:AURAL ACC 001 LP (1980)
  6. “Fatal” Microbes, ‘Violence Grows’
    From Obey The New Wave, unreleased WFMU compilation (2006)
  7. The Flying Lizards, ‘Sex Machine’ (1984)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, op cit.
  8. Nancy Sesay and The Melodaires, ‘C’est Fab’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  9. LiLiPUT, ‘Madness’ (1978)
    From LiLiPUT, op cit.
  10. The Only Ones, ‘City of Fun’
    From The Only Ones, UK CBS 82830 LP (1980)
  11. Family Fodder, ‘Symbols’
    From Monkey Banana Kitchen, UK FRESH RECORDS FRESH LP 3 (1980)
  12. Magazine, ‘The Light pours out of me’ (1978)
    From Real Life, UK VIRGIN RECORDS OVED 62 LP
  13. Lora Logic, ‘Stop Halt’
  14. Swell Maps, ‘Midget Submarine’
    From A Trip to Marineville, UK ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 2 LP (1979)
  15. Diagram Brothers, ‘Animals’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  16. The Beach Bullies, ‘Zip Zip’
    From We Rule The Universe, UK MUSCLEBOUND RECORDS MUS 1 LP (1980)
  17. Mo-Dettes, ‘White Mice’ (1980)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, op cit.
  18. Young Marble Giants, ‘The Man Amplifier’
    From Colossal Youth, ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 8 LP (1980)
  19. Gang of Four, ‘I found that essence rare’
    From Entertainment!, op cit.
  20. The Flying Lizards, ‘Her Story’
    From The Flying Lizards, USA VIRGIN RECORDS VA 13137 LP (1979)
  21. Androids of Mu, ‘Bored Housewives’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  22. Family Fodder, ‘Warm’
    From Greatest Hits, BELGIUM CRAMMED DISCS CRAM 016 LP (1981)
  23. Young Marble Giants, ‘Radio Silents’ (1979)
    From Salad Days, UK VINYL JAPAN ASKCD113 CD (2000)
  24. 11 broadcast badly distorted due to turntable fault.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM