Vegetative Rites (TSP radio show 16/03/07)

    1. Tibetan Red, ‘Fire Pilgrimage’ (fade)
    2. Pierre Bastien, ‘Talou VII’
      From Les Premières Machines 1968-1988, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS GA 8687.AR CD (2007)
    3. Push The Triangle, ‘The Blame’
      From Repush Machina, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS D’AC091 CD (2007)
    4. Joe Frawley, ‘Death by Water’
      From Tangerine, USA NO NUMBER CDR (2007)
    5. Ros Bobos, ‘We Are Kittens’
      From Unchartered Universal Euphoria, USA NO NUMBER CD (2006)
    6. Secret Mommy, ‘Diciduism’
      From Plays, CANADA ACHE RECORDS ache030 CD [2007]
    7. Hush Arbors, ‘May all your pastures now spring with herbs’
      From Under Bent Limb Trees, USA FOXY DIGITALIS digi 037 2 x CD (2006)
    8. Mockingwyrd, ‘Primordial Soup’ (fade)
      From Cracks in the Void, FINLAND SOME PLACE ELSE SPECDR07041 3″ CDR (2007)
    9. Pierre Bastien, ‘Gypsy Rhythm’
      From Les Premières Machines, op cit.
    10. Sincareza, ‘Dimanchemartin’
      From Edit sur passage avant fin ou montée d’instrument, FRANCE DISTILE RECORDS DIST004 CD (2007)
    11. Destructo Swarmbots, ‘Phases’
      From Clear Light, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG011 CD (2007)
    12. Phil Hargreaves and Glenn Weyant, ‘Summer Again’
      From Friday Morning Everywhere, UK WHI MUSIC whi006 CD (2007)
    13. Lawrence English, ‘Desert Road’
      From For Varying Degrees of Winter, FRANCE BASKARU KARU:7 CD (2007)
    14. Xome Vs Tralphaz, ‘Interspecies Arrival at the Colony Dining Hall’
      From Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting in Matter, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT018 CDR (2007)
    15. K K Null, ‘Inorganic Orgasm (#6 Variation)’
      From Music from an Exhibition, USA RIDER UNIVERSITY GALLERY CD RUG 101 [2007]

Simultaneous playback with:

  1. Daniel Menche, extract from Animality, GERMANY CD (2007)