Sounds of the Seattle Underground (TSP radio show 30/03/07)

  1. Sun City Girls, ‘Blue Mambo’
  2. Sun City Girls, ‘Tarmac 23’
  3. Sun City Girls, ‘Space Prophet Dogon’
    From Torch of the Mystics, USA TUPELO RECORDING COMPANY TUP 44-2 CD (1993)
  4. Sun City Girls, ‘Let’s Pretend’
  5. Sun City Girls, ‘Floppy Pus’
  6. Sun City Girls, ‘Bloddy Zipper’
  7. Sun City Girls, ‘Dan and Ross’
    From Dante’s Disneyland Inferno, USA ABDUCTION ABDT007 2 x CD (1996)
  8. Climax Golden Twins, [Tracks 1-6]
    From Imperial Household Orchestra, USA SCRATCH #23 CD (1996)
  9. Jesse Paul Miller, [A side]
    From Secret Records, USA FIRE BREATHING TURTLE FBT003 7″ (1997)
  10. Climax Golden Twins, [A side]
    From Climax Golden Twins, USA ROADCONE ROCO 016 7″ (1996)
  11. Jesse Paul Miller, [B side]
    From Secret Records, op cit.
  12. Rob Millis, ‘Small Ensemble Myanmar’
    From Leaf Music Drunks Distant Drums, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS NOM26 CD (2004)
  13. Jonathan Coleclough, ‘Gate’
    From An Uncommon Nature compilation, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS NOM6 LP (2001)
  14. RLW, ‘Views #1’
    From Views, USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS NOM27 CD (2004)
  15. Eric Lanzillotta, water tower (extract)
    From USA ANOMALOUS RECORDS sound 1 10″ (2000)
  16. Jesse Paul Miller, [Track 2]
    From Reaching for a Quiet Place, PRIVATE PRESS CDR (2003)
  17. Evidence, ‘Out of Town’
    From Out of Town, USA DEEP LISTENING DL 23-2003 CD (2003)
  18. Climax Golden Twins, [Tracks 2-6]
    From Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds, USA MEME meme018 CD (2000)
  19. Sun City Girls, ‘Bad Housekeeping’
  20. Sun City Girls, ‘Miss Majestic’
    From Box of Chameleons, USA ABDUCTION ABDT009 3 x CD (1997)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM