Good Friday 2007 (TSP radio show 06/04/07)

  1. Washington Phillips, ‘Denomination Blues parts 1 and 2’ (1927)
    From Denomination Blues, HOLLAND AGRAM BLUES AB 2006 LP (ND)
  2. Terry Riley, extract from ‘Performance Two (24 May 1972, Paris)’
    From Persian Surgery Dervishes, FRANCE SHANTI 83.501-83.502 2 x LP (1972)
  3. Eddie Head and his Family, ‘Down On Me’ (1930)
    From American Primitive Vol 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel (1926-36), USA REVENANT 206 CD (1997)
  4. Olivier Messiaen, ‘Séquence du Verbe, Cantique Divin’
    From Trois Petites Liturgies de la Présence Divine, FRANCE ERATO STU 70200 LP (ND)
  5. Ralph Lundsten, ‘Tillkomme Ditt Rike’
  6. Ralph Lundsten, ‘Ske Din Vilja’
    From Fadervar, original issue EMI E 061-34608 LP (1972)
  7. Alan Watts, ‘Umdagumsubudu’ (fade) (1962)
    From This is IT, USA LOCUST MUSIC L 48 CD (2004)
  8. William and Versey Smith, ‘Sinner You’ll Need King Jesus’
    From American Primitive Vol 1, op cit.
  9. Alan Watts, ‘Fingernail Poem’
    From This is IT, op cit.
  10. Robert Ashley, extract from In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were men and women (1972)
    ITALY GET BACK GET 413 LP (2002)
    Original issue Nova Musicha No-3, ITALY CRAMPS RECORDS 5206 103 (1974)
  11. Alan Watts, ‘Gagaku-Ku’
    From This is IT, op cit.
  12. Charles Ives, ‘Chorale and Finale’
    From The Celestial Country, USA CRI SD 314 LP (1973)
  13. Oren Ambarchi and Robbie Avenaim, ‘Atzilut’ (fade)
    From The Alter Rebbe’s Nigun, USA TZADIK TZ 7131 CD (1999)
  14. Rapoon, ‘Awi’
    From Raising Earthly Spirits, THE NETHERLANDS STAALPLAAT STCD 063 CD (1993)
  15. Dennis Crumpton and Robert Summers, ‘Everybody Ought to Pray Sometime’
    From American Primitive Vol 1, op cit.
  16. Olivier Messiaen, ‘Majesté du Christ demandant sa gloire À son Père’
    From L’Ascension, FRANCE ERATO STU 70673 LP (1975)
  17. Ralph Lundsten, ‘Amen’
    From Fadervar, op cit.

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