1. Pharaoh Overlord, ‘August’
    From II, USA NO QUARTER NOQ003 CD (2002)
  2. Max Ochs, ‘Raga’
    From Contemporary Guitar Spring ’67, USA TAKOMA C1006 LP (1967)
  3. Gary Lucas, ‘Indian War Whoop’
    From Improve The Shining Hour, USA KNITTING FACTORY WORKS KFW-265 CD (2000)
  4. Günter Schickert, ‘Kriegsmaschinen, Fahrt Zur Holle’ (extract)
    From Samtvogel, GERMANY BRAIN 1080 LP (1975)
  5. Autechre remix of Earth, ‘Coda Maestoso in F (Flat) Major’
    From Legacy of Dissolution, USA NO QUARTER NOQ006 CD (2005)
  6. Heldon, ‘In The Wake of King Fripp’ (1975)
    From Allez Teia, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 37 X CD (1992)
  7. Wilburn Burchette, ‘Witch’s Will’
    From Wilburn Burchette’s Guitar Grimoire, USA BURCHETTE BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS #001 LP (1973)
  8. Oren Ambarchi, ‘Suspension’
    From Suspension, UK TOUCH T33.16 CD (2001)
  9. Bert Jansch, ‘Nicola’ (1967)
    From Nicola, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMRCD 333 CD (2002)
  10. Earth, ‘Geometry of Murder’
    From Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars Live, USA NO QUARTER NQR001 CD (2001)
  11. Wooden Spoon, ‘Dead Shrimp’
    From The Folk Blues Guitar of Wooden Spoon, UK BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS weavil18 CD (2007)
  12. Pharaoh Overlord, ‘Skyline’
    From II, op cit.
  13. Frank Zappa (with James “Bird Legs” Youman), ‘Sleep Dirt’ (1979)
    From Sleep Dirt, UK ZAPPA RECORDS CDZAP43 CD (1991)
  14. Lasse Marhaug, ‘It is my kind of top’ (fade)
    From The Shape of Rock to Come, NORWAY SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND STS084CD (2004)
  15. Wilburn Burchette, ‘Regeneration’
    From Wilburn Burchette Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness, USA EBOS 6D-0001 LP (1972)
  16. Gary Lucas, ‘Oat Hate’
    From Improve The Shining Hour, op cit.

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