TSP 16th in preparation

The Sound Projector 16th issue is in preparation. Your hard-working writers have been busy since July, which is why the regular Latest arrivals feature on this site has been in abeyance. We hope, in due course, to resume normal service with weekly updates about the hottest tomatoes and kumquats to have landed in The Sound Projector box of late.

We are now taking advertising for issue 16. Please contact me before end of October 2007 if you wish to place an advert in issue 16. The current rates and other information are available here. Please note that the back cover space is already taken.

Issue 16 is now sadly full up and closed to new submissions of promos. Your CD submissions, gratefully received, will now be carried forward for consideration in issue 17.

The attached picture is not the proposed cover art, but a rendering of an advert we hope to place in the forthcoming Bixobal magazine.