November Nodes in Overlay Zones (TSP radio 02/11/07)

  1. Die Tödliche Doris, (Track 5)
    From Welten – Worlds – Ohontsa’shón:’a – morphologic design-music, GERMANY VINYL-ON-DEMAND VOD 19 LP (2005)
  2. Marteau Rouge, ‘Hôtel de la rose’
    From …un jour se lève, FRANCE SELF-PRODUCED CDR (ND)
  3. Kotra, ’07 minus’
    From Dissilient, UKRAINE NEXSOUND NS27 CD (2004)
  4. Origami Replika, [Track 1]
    From Kommerz, SWEDEN SEGERHUVA SEGER3 CD (2006)
  5. Anla Courtis, ‘Jarabe de Llanura’
    From Tape Works, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21040-2 CD (2006)
  6. Kosmonautentraum, ‘Süsser Mond’
    From Ungehörtes Unerhörtes, GERMANY VINYL-ON-DEMAND VOD 20 LP (2005)
  7. Still, ‘Futility’
    From Remains, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG004 CD (2005)
  8. Ian Epps, ‘symptomsofaquarterback’
    From finds the4yearoldchild Courtside Volume 1, GERMANY SOFTLMUSIC SOM 301 CD (ND)
  9. The Skull Defekts, from Rotating Feedback and Save the Skulls, SWEDEN IDEAL RECORDINGS iDEAL036 CD (2005)
  10. Area C, ‘Ordinary Vane’
    From Traffics + Discoveries, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 098 CD (ND)
  11. Crawling With Tarts, ‘Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7: The Decadent Opera (Rococo)’
    From USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21039-2 CD (2006)
  12. Kawabata Makoto, ‘Planet Crazy Diamond’
    From Your Voice From The Moon, POLAND VIVO RECORDS vivo2005018CD (2005)
  13. The MCMS, ‘Invocation of my Demon Brother’ (1998)
    From MCMS: 1997-2000, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG 005/20/61 3 x CD [2004]
  14. Ashtray Navigations, ‘Swastika’d Angels will see to your Ruination’
    From The Love That Whirrs, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG 087 CD (ND)
  15. Tetuzi Akiyama, from Striking Another Match, UTECH RECORDS 027 CD (2006)
  16. Exquisite Russian Brides, ‘To Increase in Size’
  17. Werner Durand and Alio Die, ‘Aqua Planing’
    From Aqua Planing, ITALY HIC SUNT LEONES HSL 029 CD (2005)
  18. Fursaxa, ‘Rheine’
    From Amulets, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 1010 CD (ND)
  19. Fredy Studer and Ami Yoshida, ‘Duo 24’
    From Duos 21-27, SWITZERLAND FOR 4 EARS CD 1656 CD (2005)
  20. Lanterns, ‘Loverangle’
  21. Daniel Menche, [Track 1]
    From Beast Resonator, NORWAY ROGGBIF RR014 CD [2006]
  • All cuts segued / faded / extracted / overlaid
  • 20-21 simultaneous playback
  • Nil announce for vox

Podcast below is not show as broadcast, but a home studio simulacrum.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM