The Hor-O-Scope III (TSP Radio 26/09/08)

All selections by Jennifer Hor

  1. Nekrasov, ‘Into the No-Man’s Sphere of the Ancient Days’
    From Into the No-Man’s Sphere of the Ancient Days, AUSTRALIA EXOTIC CORPSE NO NUMBER CD (2007)
  2. Bachi da Pietra, ‘Farfallazza’
    From Non Io, ITALY DIE SCHACHTEL ZEIT 04 CD (2007)
  3. Spektr, ‘Revelations’
  4. Eroc, ‘Norderland’ (1975)
    From Eroc 1, GERMANY UNIVERSAL 0602249827945 CD (2005)
  5. Caetano Veloso, ‘Átras do Trio Elétrico’ (1969)
    From Caetano Veloso, RUSSIA LILITH RECORDS LR144 CD (2007)
  6. Neptune, ‘Yellow River’
    From Gong Lake, USA RADIUM TOE-CD-811 CD (2008)
  7. Iván Patachich, ‘Magánhangzók’ (1976)
    From Hungarian Electronic Music, USA CREEL PONE #3 CDR (2005)
  8. Sun, ‘Help Yerself’
    From I’ll Be The Same, AUSTRALIA PRESERVATION PRE014 CD (2007)
  9. Luasa Raelon, ‘Hunted’
    from The Poison City, USA EIBON RECORDS LUA056 CD (2005)
  10. René Joly, ‘Princesse’ (1969)
    From Chimène, FRANCE MAM PRODUCTIONS 3930650 CD (2007)
  11. Ahousen, ‘Donpan Busi (Folk Song)’ (fade)
    From Ahousen, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-172 CD (2007)
  12. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, ‘Quetzlcoatl’s Return’
    From Animal Speak, AUSTRALIA MUSIC YOUR MIND WILL LOVE YOU mymwly0005 CDR (2004)
  13. Black Forest / Black Sea and Larkin Grimm, ‘On the Cliffs at Fort Wetherill’
    From Terrastock Six, USA SECRET EYE AB-OC-26 CD (2006)
  14. Nadja, extract from ‘Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds’
    From Radiance of Shadows, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIENCD72 (2007)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM